Things to Consider When Choosing a Bar for a Gathering

If you are planning a night on the town, then one of the most common stops if often at a favorite watering hold. However, not all bars are safe environments to go, especially if you are going as a group. You need to get an idea where you want to go before the night begins. That way, you and your group can make sure the evening is light-hearted, fun, and memorable in the best way possible.

Safety is Paramount

If you just stop by any bar you see, you never know what could happen. Some bars have security measures in place, especially when parties come into their establishments. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. According to Stein Law Injury Lawyers, a Miami night club claim law firm out of Florida, “bars owe you a duty of care to ensure you stay safe on their property” so make sure you choose one that is going to ensure your safety. Otherwise, your fun night could turn into long-term litigation.

The Location

Where you go is very important, especially if this is for a once in a lifetime style party. If it is just for some Saturday night giggles, then location is secondary. However, when you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, a 50th birthday party, or something like a massive anniversary party with a lot of family members in tow, then you need to consider a good location that is central to as many people as possible. Consider who will be driving to or from the event. They should be given as much priority as possible so they can get there and return home safely.

Since you are going to a bar, you do not have to worry about if the facility is child-friendly. However, you do need to consider the neighborhood the bar is in. Some neighborhood bars are incredibly safe. They welcome in regulars who look out for the patrons and the bar itself. Others may be in sketchier neighborhoods that people may not want to venture into as much. Look at who will be coming to the party, and make a determination off that. You want people to feel welcome to come, not nervous.

Ease of Access to Public Transportation

For those who will be enjoying the alcoholic festivities of the evening, easy access to any type of public transportation is necessary. No one wants to tie one on and then drive home. It is not safe under any circumstances. Instead, you want to hail a cab, call an Uber, or hop on a bus and get back home. Look at how far away from the location these stops are, if they apply. That way, you can ensure that everyone who goes out that night has the best chances of getting home safely.

Your Drink Variety

Since many people in these types of parties like to enjoy a drink or two, then you need to consider what options they will have. If the bar only serves 20 types of beer, and most of who will be attending the party prefer liquor, that can be a problem. If you know most or all the people who will be attending well, you may be able to decide if the bar you are considering will work. If not, then just ask what types of drinks people will want. In general, people would much rather be asked what type of beverages they prefer than feel stuck with no options they like.

Something to Do?

Some parties need a little more action than just sitting at a bar, drinking. If you want something to do during the party, that needs consideration as well. Maybe the group likes to sing, in which case going for karaoke may be an option. Others may want games, so look for a bar that offers things like billiards and darts. If the main focus of the party is big into sports, then maybe a sports bar is a better backdrop for the party. You need to consider the person you are throwing the party for in this part of the decision. What is that person going to enjoy most by the end of the night? Once you have that figured out, the rest of the party should fall into place.

Make sure you think about the night as a whole when planning a party for close friends or family members. It is about more than just finding a fun place to sit and drink. Ensure that it is safe, accessible, and has the provisions you need before you get there. That way, you can focus on the fun!



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