The “Xbox One” Presentation Highlights – The Power of… Television

It’s that time of the decade again, and Microsoft and Sony are pimping their new consoles – the Xbox One and Playstation 4 – to great effect.

Since the Xbox One is a powerhouse of unparalleled computing power, and the clear winner of this round of console races, I’ve decided to share the Microsoft Xbox One presentation, or rather… the presentation highlights. If you were wondering what exactly sets the Xbox One apart from that dumpy excuse for a console known as the Playstation 4 (more like Lamestation 4, am I rite?), then let me tell you…






Xbox One – You Can Watch Television

You’ve been waiting for it, and Microsoft is delivering. Finally, consumers have an opportunity to watch TV… on their TV, just like on a TV. You can watch shows, pet models of high resolution active service navy combat dogs, and talk to yourself, all while playing sports and Call of Duty at the same time, right on your TV.

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What we can really take away from this presentation, and this is key… is that you can watch television. I can’t begin to express how excited I am to tell you about this. The possibilities are truly endless, and if Microsoft is smart, they’ll make the most of this revolutionary, never before seen technology. You’ll finally be able to combine those sweet sky package deals that allow you to watch television, with the Xbox One’s ability to… watch television.

Also worth mentioning…









Given how incredible this first round of announced features are, boy… I just can’t wait to see what other aces they’ve got jammed deep up their sleeves. With such a feature rich console, you almost don’t need to have your own employees do all the cheering during your presentations.


Keep an eye out for more updates here on Unfinished Man. We plan to cover every aspect of this amazing, completely different… revolutionary console. PC gamers, eat your hearts out.




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9 comments on “The “Xbox One” Presentation Highlights – The Power of… Television”

  1. I’m an Xbox fan through and through..cant help thinking that this latest round of releases seems a little more hypey than ever..can’t wait to see and test the real thing and decide for myself!

    • I’m sure the Xbox One will be fine, but some of the things these guys say in the name of promotion is just hilarious.

  2. I got a little caught up in the initial excitement of finally seeing the new Xbox, but once I realized they were focusing almost exclusively on everything EXCEPT gaming, I started being more critical. . The business about a required internet connection has me concerned as well. The details of that will likely decide whether I’ll be buying one or not.

    • I believe that the reason they’re focusing on everything but gaming, is because the “television” related features are the only thing that set them apart. The Xbox One and PS4 are basically desktop PCs in a fancy case, and nothing more. There’s absolutely nothing special about them, and perhaps Microsoft and Sony are concerned that gamers are going to figure that out.

      As for a required always on connection, well… that could be interesting. Any time people have tried that thus far, it’s been a disaster. It depends how lenient they are for say, disconnections, etc. Most people have internet now, and perhaps even broadband, but not everyone has a solid connection.

      • Agreed.

        WRT the internet connection, you summed it up perfectly. I have satellite broadband which is practically unusable during peak hours. On top of that, I have a data cap, so if the XB1 is going to download a 5 GB game patch whenever I buy a new game, well, it’s just not going to happen on my connection.

        • With respect to data caps, I’ll be interested to see what happens with that. I’m lucky enough to have an unlimited connection, but man… content is becoming larger and larger. I hope that unlimited eventually becomes the norm.

  3. I don’t get it. Is this sarcasm?

    I use playstation. Can’t beat their exclusive 1st party material and my tv already does tv, with gusto.


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