The Ultimate List of Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Is your girlfriend’s birthday around the corner but you have no idea what to get her? Don’t panic, we’ve been there before and the good news is that we are here to help.

Getting a gift for someone you really care about can sometimes feel impossible because you want to get them the best gift ever. To help, we have created a list of a few gift ideas any girlfriend is sure to love.

To see what gifts made our list of cute things to do for your girlfriend keep reading below.

Take Her on a Suprise Adventure

If your girlfriend loves to travel or has been itching to get away, you should surprise her with a trip on her birthday. The destination can be somewhere she’s been meaning to go or a place that’s a total surprise.

You can make arrangements ahead of time to make sure her schedule is free for the week-long vacation, making it an unexpected but lovely gift. Planning a trip to one of her bucket list places is another way to provide sweet birthday wishes for your girlfriend.

Get Tickets to Her Favorite Show

If you know that your girlfriend’s favorite musical act is touring, you should look up their tour dates to see if they will be hitting your town. If so, you can book two tickets and surprise her with them on her birthday.

If you choose a show that’s on a Saturday or Sunday, you can make it a weekend getaway. Plan to book a hotel and then select things to do and places to eat near where you’re staying for the day before or after the show.

Make a Fun Dinner

If you usually cook (or don’t usually cook) you could surprise your girlfriend with an interactive dinner instead of a typical one. Fondue is a great way to have a dinner that’s fun, romantic, and yummy.

You can even make the cheese and chocolate dip together, watch it melt, and then feed each other. Don’t forget the strawberries for dessert.

Hide a Gift in a Box of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If your girlfriend is an avid chocolate eater then you should go ahead and buy her favorite sweets, but make it even sweeter by hiding a small gift within the chocolates.

This gift can be anything from a small necklace, tickets, or even a ring if you’re planning on proposing. Another great idea is to hide her gift around the house and leave a note in the chocolates on where she should look next, kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Bake an Extra Sweet Cake

Women love to receive gifts, especially if that’s their love language. You can make the effort of making her a cake and frosting it. Instead of just writing happy birthday on top, you should write a love letter.

This will make the gesture more sentimental and go the extra mile. It will show her how much you care and make it a birthday she won’t soon forget.

Give Her Some Love Coupons

Another sentimental and cute gift to give is love coupons. These coupons are meant to be used at any time and will treat your girlfriends to things such as a massage or you cooking dinner for the night.

You can even get as creative as you want with these. You can make a coupon to say that she automatically wins a conversation or one that says the drink bill is on you. There are endless possibilities when it comes to coupons, and you can either get crafty and make them or buy blank ones online or at your local bookstore or craft store.

Send Flowers

Flowers are a kind gesture that shows someone you’re thinking of them. They are beautiful, and when your girlfriend looks at them, she will automatically think of you.

You can send flowers to her office as a surprise on her birthday before giving her a big gift. It’s a nice gesture that will put a smile on her face, even if you send them to her home or bring them with you for dinner. Of course, roses are the romantic choice, but you should send her whatever flowers are her favorite.

Play Her a Song

If you’re a musician or have a music hobby, you should write to your girlfriend a song and surprise her with it. Writing her a song will show how much you care and ultimately be a surprise whether you play it for her in public or alone in the house.

Make a Care Box for Your Avid Traveler

If your girlfriend is someone who travels a lot you can make her a care box to take with her on the road. You can fill this box up of things that will remind her of you such as a favorite tee, something sprayed with your cologne, and even a picture. Also, go the extra mile to throw a face mask or bath bomb in the box so she can focus on her self care while thinking of you.

Have a Suprise Night Out

Maybe past birthdays you’ve stayed in, made dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed. This year your girlfriend may be expecting to do the same thing, but why not spice it up and surprise her to a fancy night out?

Buy her a dress or going out outfit and have it hanging in the room for when she gets home for work. Tell her to put it on and to be ready by a certain time. Make sure you dress up and groom yourself before going out too!

Make a reservation a few days in advance at a hot eatery in town. Then don’t tell your girlfriend where you’re going and surprise her.

Most restaurants will have wine ready at the table if you ask. Little things like this will make the dinner seem extravagant and be a nice surprise.

Be Old School and Make a Mix Tape

If you guys are high school sweethearts then you’ve probably made a mixtape or playlist for each other at some point. Well throw it back and make a playlist of the songs from the past and surprise her with it.

Even if you haven’t been together since your teenage years, you can create a playlist to make a nostalgic yet thoughtful birthday gift. This playlist can be songs that remind you of her so she can listen to them at any time.

Give Her a Basket Filled With Her Favorite Things

If you’re not sure what to get your girlfriend for her birthday (trust me, we’ve all been there) then think of the small things she likes and fill up a basket with them. If your girlfriend loves taking baths and pampering herself then fill up a basket with bubble bath, face masks, and bath bombs.

If your girlfriend is into makeup, buy her a gift card to her favorite makeup store and then go with her to get her gift. If she’s into arts and crafts, buy her some supplies and even a gift card to her favorite craft store.

This is the perfect idea when you’re stumped and don’t know what to get someone. It shows that you put the effort into getting them things by creating the basket but you’re allowing them the freedom of selecting their own gift with a gift card.

Make Plans That Involve Quality Time and Not Money

If you’re a couple that doesn’t get to see each other often then quality time is important. For your girlfriend’s birthday, you should make plans that make quality time a priority and not things that take a lot of money to do.

You can create a quality time day where you make meals or even go out for one to a quiet eatery, just the two of you. You can even go on a hike or a walk around the park to enjoy each other’s time.

Now You Kow a Few Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

We have given you a few ideas on cute things to do for your girlfriend on her birthday. From simple plans such as spending the day together to planning a surprise trip, you know have a few ideas on what to get her this year.

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