The New Look for Men – Smart-As-Possible Casual

We all know and love James Bond for being eternally well turned out. Nothing else would do for possibly the most inspirational male character in movies today. Or would it? Does that full suit still strike a chord with the modern man?

Most style-aware men love an opportunity to don a suit, but life rarely serves up opportunities to straighten one’s collar and deliver a perfectly-balanced awesomeness/pure cheese-saturated one-liner. We could all look at our lives in search of future opportunities to get suited up, but in the name of dressing appropriately perhaps a moderate dose of classic Bond-style dressing is all we need to get that ultra-cool edge into our lives.

Our Inspiration

Besides, the latest Bond has a secret. As this article from Esquire discusses, 007 is allowed out of his suit, and it’s not just thanks to a lady friend; Mr Bond shows us his style’s still relevant by giving us a lesson in how to do country-smart.

How to wear it

Penguins can peacock too

A smart shirt is one of the most satisfying pieces of clothing to wear. The crisp fabric, the structured collar that changes the whole look of the face, the masculine outline that allows us to pull off any color, depending on what’s in style. A great brand is a must for both the prestige that comes from wearing a respected logo, to that superior quality you expect from labels. A Penguin shirt, for example, is the perfect injection of smartness for your wardrobe. However, you don’t need to let your shirt rule your style with an iron fist: a smart shirt lends itself perfectly to a dressed-down look. Team with a neck scarf and wax jacket when the weather’s chilly for the perfect blend of city style-awareness with a countryside influence.

The chino is big news on the smart-casual scene, but you need to use them as your casual piece, dressing them up appropriately. Yes, they have become increasingly accepted as part of smart attire, but they’re not quite smart enough for our purposes. So team with that smart shirt, top button undone to let your look undulate between strict and fun.

If you are going to do jeans, make them as dark as possible, and be sure to team with a white shirt and blazer, or you’ll be far too casual for the job. Wear with well-polished brogues and don’t even think about reaching for those desert boots unless you know for certain that your blazer will be staying on all day.

Putting it all Together

The heritage look is a big hit this season – great news for the super smart-casual look. You can pick out the most structured blazers, strictly tailored trousers and even team with a waistcoat, and as long as you choose earthy browns, mossy greens and a healthy helping of tweeds, you’ll look the part.

(Photos by Skyfall and Penguin)




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