The Most Popular Payment Methods Are Changing: Experience Genome Wallet

Imagine that all your business projects don’t have digital accounting. You need to calculate each report separately, transfer funds through the terminals of individual banks, and open a new business account in USD or EUR. Terrible, right? 

Fortunately, the Genome account services have solved these old-fashioned problems: you can open a business account and save your time instead of running to brick-and-mortar banks. With an online account in Genome, your flow of money will be streamlined, and you will be able to transfer money internally and internationally. Both currency exchange and transactions will get easier with total fraud protection and real-time notifications.

You might think that you join a bank online by creating a Genome account, but it isn’t some kind of institution providing banking services. It’s better! Why? Read about it below.

What is an online account in Genome, and how can you bank online with its help?

The Genome account services are provided by an electronic money institution that designed a high-tech payment platform for businesses and individuals. Clients who open a business account within this system can enjoy the following benefits:

  • multiple financial services licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania
  • the possibility to transfer money to an online account and store them in 3 currencies: EUR, USD, and GBP
  • mobile and web applications to bank online
  • transaction notifications, account statements, business analytics, and more helpful features right in the online account
  • adding up to 20 people after you open a business account to manage your funds based on different access levels
  • customer support service 24/7

Why companies of all sizes should open a business account online 

Companies of different scales and specializations can open a business account and bank online with Genome. Whether you need to transfer money in Europe or outside of its boundaries, your business is sure to benefit from the following opportunities. 

Small-sized companyBig-sized company
One of the ways to integrate with large marketplacesOne of the payment options at e-commerce platforms
Easier collection of payments from customers and boosted sales Up to 5 accounts in each of the currencies
Additional bonuses after you open a business accountUp to 20 people with different access levels in one account 

In addition, a corporate account makes any small business look more reliable, while it is easier for any big company to do business with technologically advanced ways to bank online.

Why Portuguese businesses should bank online

Do you know that in Portugal, the digital payments market segment is led by consumer transactions? They include payments for products and services made over the Internet and mobile payments that allow customers to transfer money through phone applications. 

But this segment doesn’t include transactions between businesses and payments at points of sale where mobile card readers are used. If you open a business account with Genome, B2B and B2C transactions will become available for your business to thrive and grow.

According to statistics on Portugal’s e-commerce spending, over 50% of the population shopped online in 2020, with supermarkets, retail, and media benefiting from the highest increase in sales. This provides a good reason for a small business to open a business account in Genome and expand its customer reach. 

How much time do you need to open a business account with Genome?

The system allows you to open a business account quickly and easily:

  • It takes 72 hours for B2B
  • It takes 48 hours For B2C

Although currently, the platform is not providing business and merchant accounts in the UK, its services are always available for clients in Europe. Open a business account with Genome and bank online, being fully protected by the National Bank of Lithuania!




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