The Kuro Cube – Odor Eliminator For The Bachelor Pad

Our family cooks a lot of “ethnic” food and as great as the food tastes, it also stinks up the house big time during the cooking process as well as storing it (in the refrigerator). It’s all that onion, garlic, masalas, and other crazy ass spices really contribute to the stinky fridge. Our family has used the basking soda technique for decades now and it only does a mediocre job of odor control. If you are scared to open the fridge because you’ll stink up the entire floor, then you might want to consider picking up the Kuro Cube.

The Kuro Cube is made out of compressed white charcoal which absorbs lingering odors inside a refrigerator. The tiny device purifies and refreshes naturally without using chemicals to do the work. The white charcoal which is used is naturally activated during the controlled burning process. This activation process is what causes the device to absorb gasses.

By keeping the Kuro Cube inside a refrigerator, food is also kept fresher for longer periods of time. If looked after, the Kuro Cube can be an effective odor control tool for a year. For optimal performance, the little cube should be exposed to occasional sunlight so it has a chance to dry out which would allow it to regain its ability to absorb gasses.

The Kuro Cube can also be used to purify the air of other small spaces such as drawers, closets with stinky shoes, and even vehicles. The Kuro Cube will only set you back $20 which is a pretty damn good deal if you ask me. Check out their website and have a look at all their products.



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