The Best Neighborhoods to Live In Los Angeles

If you can handle high living standards and the prospect of ending up with a pop star celebrity neighbor, then Los Angeles, CA, is the right place for you. An impressive characteristic of Los Angeles is that each neighborhood has a distinct culture that differentiates it from other localities. You don’t want to end up in a location that doesn’t suit your way of life, and you are not paying a seven-figure price for a house in a neighborhood you don’t like! Here are some top neighborhoods you should check out when in LA.

  1. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a unique, storied seaside city that offers a classic East Coast living experience. Rental prices are relatively expensive, going up to $2000 a month, and homes go well into seven-figure prices. If it is within your budget, the beach town is a pure gem. It has reputable public schools, world-class security, and other amenities within an arm’s reach. If it’s within your budget, you should probably be thinking of hiring a moving company as Manhattan Beach is one of the best places to live in LA.

  1. Hollywood

Despite losing its mid-2000’s fame, Hollywood has progressively returned to its filming roots and is one of LA’s top job centers. If you are into the entertainment industry, then Hollywood is the right place for you. With old school movie theatres, cinema halls, rooftop bars, and dive bars, Hollywood has it all. Despite growing denser and taller over the years, you can find one-bedroom apartments for just $1500.

  1. Downtown

Reputable for some of the best restaurants in LA, Downtown has more to offer than you can imagine; world-class entertainment, a modern fashion scene, and breathtaking street art. The locality is littered with notable landmarks and hundreds of social amenities, all at your disposal.

  1. Tujunga

If you can’t keep up with the city bustle, LA has a Tujunga neighborhood that has remained mostly untouched by intense modernization. Located on the San Gabriel Mountains slopes in the San Fernando Valley, Tujunga is one of the few places in LA where you can get a family-sized house with a sizable yard for less than $700K. You can easily reach downtown via the rail or the freeway.

  1. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, a posh LA community, is home to top celebrities and influential businesspersons. As expected, everything is top-notch in Beverly Hills, and you have to pay top dollar for it. With magnificent houses beautifully dotting the rugged LA terrain, Beverly Hills is what all of us dream of. Clean, lavish, and decadent. It is home to fine dining in LA and has the best amenities and services you can find anywhere in the United States.

  1. Glendale

If you love everything middle eastern, then Glendale should be your choice neighborhood. Set on Armenian culture, the community has grown to be a hotbed of middle eastern dishes and culture. Over the years, this part of the city has been gentrified, an effect that has watered down the dominant middle eastern culture while enhancing cultural diversity and providing new business opportunities.


Los Angeles boasts of some of the world’s best neighborhoods and is a dream living destiny for many people. The above six neighborhoods are some of the best places to live in LA.




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