The Art Of Moving On

I’ve chosen as my life’s mission to help successful professionals find success with online dating.  As such I tend to get lumped into the general category of “dating coach” which is a term that I despise.  The term leads me to envision myself in an 80’s jumpsuit blowing a whistle as my client jumps through a series of tires to hone their dating skills.  While there are truly some amazing and inspiring people out there helping others navigate the world of dating, I find that most “dating coaches” promise amazing results and never prepare you for disappointment or failure.

Now don’t get me wrong, my strategies and techniques will improve your online dating process and will increase your efficiency.  I will also help you get past when things don’t work out as you had hoped.  No strategy is fool proof or is going to work 100% of the time.  The key to success with dating (and some might say with life) is to focus on what you want to get out of the experience and not worrying so much about what your target wants.  This may sound egotistical, but let me explain.

You can control how you behave, respond to situations, and present yourself.  You cannot control how she will.  So many of my male clients come to me and ask “how do I get this girl to respond to me?” or “why didn’t this girl reply to my message?”  I do help you present yourself in a way that is more alluring and truthful while helping you craft more interesting emails that take less time to create, but once you take that first step…it’s critical that you keep moving forward and not looking back.

I arm you with the tools to attract the people that are going to appreciate you, but convince you to let those that don’t share your core values to simply move on.  There are any number of reasons why a woman won’t return your call or your email and lots of those may have absolutely nothing to do with you.  She may have an ex-boyfriend that came back into her life or she may be pulling experiences from her previous relationships into the current experience with you.  Regardless you have no control of any of it, so don’t beat yourself up…instead, move on.

Build your confidence to the point where you view yourself as “the catch” versus trying to capture “the catch”.  Contrary to what Wayne and Garth told you, you are worthy my friend and the perfect woman for you will see you for all that you are and all that you can be.




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