The 3 Factors That Go Into Choosing The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are so many different types of lawyers and chances are high that you know somebody who practices law. When you need a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in a criminal case you may be tempted to reach out to one of them to help you since you trust them. However, the person who helped your grandmother with her will is not going to represent you well in a criminal case.

You’ll need to hire a qualified lawyer who knows the law and how to best represent clients that are accused of a crime. Any type of case that isn’t civil will likely require the expertise of a good defense attorney. Whether it is a crime like a DUI or something like theft, they have done enough cases that they will understand your needs. In this article, we will go over what you should be looking for to find a good defense lawyer.

1 – Check out their ranking

If you look at the website of any good lawyer then you should be able to see testimonials from past clients and rankings for the area where they operate to help you understand what you’re getting.

For instance, a look at the website of Steve Rice Law shows that they are ranked very highly in the top 10 defense lawyers for their area based on how many cases they’ve handled successfully. This is a very good starting point to then build your expectations around.

You should also look into some of the Better Business Bureau’s rankings to see how satisfied people are with the services offered by the lawyer in question.

2 – Determine what type of lawyer you need

Not all criminal cases are the same so it takes the right lawyer to know how to proceed and win your case. For instance, you’ll need to understand if your case is a federal or state crime. A federal case is going to take on a lot of complexities that will require a lawyer who generally works on a federal level.

A state crime is a different thing altogether and your local defense attorney will be more than capable.

The crime itself will also have some nuances that will require a special lawyer. A DUI is going to be a case that is much different than if you’re accused of stealing a car, for example.

Many defense attorneys are highly specialized in a certain area of criminal law. Some will defend rape cases, others will specialize in financial crimes. Very rarely will they work in both scenarios.

3 – Calculate the cost

There is no set rate for dense lawyers so you may need to calculate how much you can afford and then base your decision on who to hire on the costs. Make sure to also understand how you will be charged. You may need to pay for consultation and others may waive that fee. In general, you can also negotiate so try to break down the costs in an itemized way so you can see what you’re paying.



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