Summer Wear – To Follow or Not To Follow… The Crowd

It sure is nice for summer to be in full effect. Winter and spring are a distant memory and I finally got around to putting away the drab grey sweaters and black stuffy coats and replace them with my summer. Our 2013 Canadian summer is proving to be one of our hottest! And with great weather comes great summer fashion. In the last decade men are coming out of the dark ages and into the world of current fashion trends. Some can even say that we can rival the women! (Not me personally of course) but as I sit here and think back 15 years ago, I can only remember how limited a man’s summer fashion wardrobe would be. A pre-2000 wardrobe included plain summer T’s, plain knee length shorts, a plain cap and not much else.

Current men’s summer fashion includes unique patterned tees, cuffed jersey trousers, classic shirts and knee length khaki shorts. A trend that I have noticed in the last few years is that men really love their unique T-shirts, the higher the bizzarro/unique factor the higher the demand. I mean could you imagine a dude in the 90’s sporting a T-shirt with a great big moose on the front? (Sounds like the Christmas present that no one wants to receive!) Or a bright pink colored one with a black guitar? Yeh yeh I know what you’re thinking. Ugly right? I would also say the same but many people these days would say the exact opposite. Only a few weeks back I was at a party and saw this guy (you know the dude that tags along with an invited friend that no one really knows and is a bit on the awkward side) wearing this t-shirt I would never really consider wearing.

Not my thing but whatever floats his boat right? One thing I noticed was that the girls at the place as well as some guys were asking him where he had purchased the shirt. What really caught my attention was the flirty girls. Maybe I was jealous, maybe it was the shirt, or maybe he was handsome… but I wanted in on that action.

Looking around the house party, I realized that there were actually quite a few guys with some really funky shirts that were out of my comfort zone. I just can’t see myself pulling off these shirts with weird prints but at the same time, nobody was judging at the party (just me :|)My conclusion for the evening: it wasn’t these guys with the lack of fashion sense (Ps: we can help!) but the other way around. All these years of hanging out with older people, at some point in time I guess I started dressing like them.

So what did I do? I made my first attempt at buying a bright shirt with a completely random print on there. I see others wearing it, so why can’t I? It will take a bit of practice to get a style that suits me but my first attempt consists of a yellow shirt with a whale print. Yeah, I felt awkward wearing that one and will try a few more times before I get the hang of this bright shirt, random print business or some nice patterned polos. Next time, maybe something not so childish.  If you’ve thought about wearing some shirts but always hesitate, why not give it a try. What’s the absolutely worst thing that could happen?




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