Summer Style Tips

The summer months are a great time for breaking out the light and comfy clothing, however, unlike woman who have a wide variety of things to choose from (dresses, skirts, shorts, high heels, sandals, bracelets, hats, etc.), men are much more limited if you’re in the stifling heat. This doesn’t mean you have to simply relegate yourself to poor style consisting of shorts and a basic t-shirt or button down. With a few simple tips you’ll be rocking summer style in the most fashionable way possible.

Accessories aren’t always for women

Not all accessories are for women. Of course women get the majority of the options, but that doesn’t mean men are left with nothing. A nice backpack, or since it’s summer, a nice summer hat can turn a relatively average outfit into something that looks more sharp and put together, with a touch of extra flair.

Be bold with colors

There’s nothing more boring than your average greys, tans, browns or whites in the summer every day. Of course these are great cool colors, and all white in the summer can look fantastic, but if you’re looking to up your style game you need to introduce more colors. Reds, yellows and greens are all very summery colors and can add a huge amount to an otherwise boring outfit. Regardless of your skin tone, there will be at least a color or two that will work well for you.

Work with patterns

Colors aren’t the only way to stand out in the summer; patterns work great too to make an outfit exciting. Whether it’s tribal print, camouflage, polka dots or stripes there’s something out there for everyone. And as long as you don’t go and pair pattern with pattern it can look pretty snazzy.

Fun Graphic Tees

Graphic tees can make any outfit more exciting, than if you were just wearing a regular one. Not everyone loves graphic tees, but if you find one that that suits your personality, it can be fun and make an outfit more interesting than otherwise it could be.

Opt for lightweight blazers and nicer shoes

Lightweight jackets, such as this one from Zara, can look really classy and stylish, but without making you sweat like a pig. It can take any outfit up a notch and can be dressed up with ease or down for a quick run to the grocery store. If you’re looking to up you’re game a bit more, ditch the flip flops and go for a loafer, suede shoe or even Sperrys.

With these tips you’ll be looking dapper in your summer wear in no time and will be able to change up your outfits day to day without looking boring or the same. Don’t let women have all the fashion fun.




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