Sucker Punch Fitness – Kettlebells And Swordplay

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I have a deep respect for actors and actresses that are not only capable of carrying the role they’ve been set with playing, but that can also carry massive amounts of weight. It’s not only practical, but pretty damn sexy too. Now, you’ve probably seen our review of Sucker Punch, but here’s the movie from a slightly different perspective. This behind the scenes clip gives us a glimpse into the 3 month of training that the girls of Sucker Punch endured to become the battle ready Amazons you see in the film.

Trained by fitness instructor and ex-Navy Seal David Young, the girls trained daily using kettlebells, chains, ropes, tires and a slew of other heavy objects to achieve the level of fitness required for acrobatics, swordplay, gun-play, and the rigors of fighting robots and steam filled Samurai.



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