Successful Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is considered a financial instrument or investment opportunity where you can predict the price of an asset over a period of time.

In binary options trading, you are expected to provide a simple yes or no answer. A “Yes” implies you are willing to buy or predict that the price will rise above a certain level. However, if you pick a “No,” you think the price won’t reach a certain level, and you decide to sell. To run a successful binary options trading, an accurate prediction is important.

A popular opinion is that business trading is similar to gambling. However, all forms of business trading have a continuous process with their mechanisms and strategies.  

Some of the processes that you can follow in your binary options tradings include;

Identify the market trends

Even though Binary options trading is flexible and based on a Yes or No prediction, it is in your best interest as a trader to know the market trends. Some of the important trends include past knowledge of the market, the future happening, and accurate future predictions.

For a financial and investment market like binary trading, there are several predictions and opinions. It would help if you, therefore, sieved through these opinions by identifying what has happened in the market, what is coming up, and the expected impact of these happenings on the market movement.

Knowing or identifying the trends in the market does not guarantee an accurate prediction because no one can see the future. However, it will guide you in making a near-perfect and strong prediction.

Choose Your Trading Market

The next step is to choose the market you want to conduct your binary options trading. It should interest you that binary options in the United States are different from the trading market outside the US.

In choosing your trading market, you should also consider some factors such as contract duration, trading plan, and individual interests.

Contract durations in binary options trading could be intraday, daily, or weekly. Some market arrangements allow you to choose the duration that suits you, whereby you can pull out of the trading whenever you wish. Similarly, it is advisable to dive into the market that interests you. 

Once you have a personal interest in a market, you will likely know how such a market operates and be equipped with the necessary information. This information will guide you in making predictions and running your investment.

Strike price selection and expiration

One of the most challenging processes in binary options trading is selecting a strike price and its expiration. To select your binary options strike, you should consider the probability and risk.

Since the entire arrangement is a risk, you either win or lose. It is in your best interest to select a price strike that you can afford to lose, should your trading become unsuccessful. As for the probability, it is advisable to find a midpoint between the contract’s bid and the seller/buyer’s prices.

Strike price and expiration selection are more technical and practical. You are required to put a lot of market forces into consideration before choosing your strike price and expiration.

Place Your Trade

Depending on the broker platform or application you are using for your trading, it is easy to place your trade. In most trading platforms, when you click on the strike button, your order ticket will be displayed.

The next procedure is to click the buy and sell buttons. After that, you will either place a limit order or a market order. In placing your trade, you will complete the size box that contains the number of contracts you are willing to buy or sell. After all these selections, you can proceed to “Place order.”

Sit back and wait for expiration or pull out.

When you place your order, you either place a market or limit order. If you choose the former, the order will be filled immediately and appear in the positions menu. As for the latter, you will have to wait and confirm if your order was filled. It is when your order is filled that you can monitor your trade till the expiration period.

Albeit, in some instances, your predictions could be wrong, and the market will begin to move against you. It is advisable to pull out or close out your trade immediately.


Like every investment and financial trading, the binary option has its associated risk. You are therefore advised to follow the tips (highlighted above), look out for more helpful guides and invest the amounts you can afford to lose.



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