Sleep No More – Shakespeare And Bloody, Twirling Appendages

I’ve never been a huge fan of plays, or the works of Shakespeare in general. They’re rather dated, and though I’m sure the stories are interesting, none of the ones I’ve seen, read, or heard have ever really resonated with me. It’s difficult to get into something when the content was so clearly created for a bygone generation. But as I said, the stories are probably interesting, and that’s why I’m so excited about Sleep No More, a modern Shakespeare adaptation by the Punchdrunk Theater Company.

Punchdrunk is presenting the show in New York, and essentially it’s one giant interactive LARPING session in a giant Manhattan loft that the team converted to look like a hotel from the 1940s. How fuckin’ cool is that? Even better is that you can drink absinthe punch and play around with almost anything in the space. Rifle through drawers, explore, and experience tons of craziness. Now, remember how I mentioned twirling appendages? Well, it turns out that there’s a sort of orgy room featuring people in various states of undress, including men with their blood covered penises swinging about. Only in New York.

Sadly I live too far away from New York to see the show myself, but for $75, you should definitely check it out if you happen to live in or around New York. I can’t imagine this type of experience being a common thing, and if nothing else you can get blitzed on the absinthe punch.

To read more about Sleep No More from people who have actually seen it, check out Sleep No More = LARP + Shakespeare + Absinthe + Orgy Masks. The writer talks at length about what him and his friends experienced during the three hour long show. He also has a few suggestions on getting the most out the experience.

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