Simple Horse Racing Strategies That Will Work

It seems that ever since time began there has been an ongoing battle between punters and bookmakers, especially when looking at horse racing. Everyone knows that ultimately, the bookmaker has the advantage when it comes to betting, but that is not to say you do not have a chance of winning and/or coming out on top. Horse racing is a genre where there are strategies and practices that help maximise the chance of you beating the bookmaker and ultimately have a great day at the races.

Look out for a horse where the odds could change

Established bookmakers such as Betpoint can cover hundreds of races a day often with over a dozen horses in each race. Whilst they usually do a very good job of keeping up to date with the latest form of the horses, from time to time they will get something wrong leading up to a race. It is useful to pick a race and look at one of the horse that as high odds, of say 20/1. Check the horse’s recent running history. Sometimes you will find that the bookies are tipping this for a horse that caused a huge upset in its last race. If you bet on this horse, there is a chance the bookies will reduce the price. Other gamblers will see this drop too and then it is a good outsiders bet, which will lower the price more. If you do exchange betting, this is a very simple method of obtaining a quick profit

Lay the favourite

Gambling statistics show that the favourite only wins 1 in 3 races. Therefore, a strategy that will pay off is using exchange betting to lay this horse. You are effectively being the bookmaker by betting against an outcome rather than on one. Look out for horses that are 4/1 or lower to lay, because your potential losses could be quite high if the favourite ends up winning. To help you further, do some research into the favourite. Is it carrying excess weight? Is it the first time they have ridden in this type of race before? Are there poor weather conditions? Has the horse always had the same jockey? These are all factors worth considering. If you can find something that makes you suspect it is a horse fortune to be favourite, it is a good shout to lay it.

Recent winners

This strategy ties in with the previous two. Look at horses that have recently won races and see what their prices are for their next race and you could find yourself some really good value. Try to find a horse that was an unexpected winner in a previous race. The key here is to do your research and try and beat the bookies into finding out something that they have missed. This is quite often a very successful strategy, as a horse that was a big outsider for a previous race it won will be seen as a fluke, and the bookies won’t usually rate its chances of upsetting the odds again. Their odds will have reduced but they will still be seen as an outsider. Therefore, recent winners are always horses to look out for when they are not the clear favourites, and you can nearly always find a very good value bet that has an excellent chance of paying off big.




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