Sheraz Ali: The Co-Founder of the First Wealth Management Company in Canada for Muslims

Muslims often face many challenges when looking for investment opportunities because of conflicts with Sharia law. With the right expert in Sharia law and halal investments, however, they can build wealth while still staying true to their religion. Sheraz Ali is the founder of Stock Sharks and Director of Marketing for Canadian Islamic Wealth, the latter being the first wealth management company in Canada for Muslims. He is also a seasoned investor in real estate.

Ali was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in a family-oriented community. He has ventured into several businesses from the time he was 16 years old across different industries, including hospitality, entertainment, real estate, and finance. Ali is passionate about business, and he is driven by the desire to help Muslims around Canada and the United States grow their wealth through investments.

He is a licensed real estate agent in Winnipeg, MB with over ten years of experience, many books on the subject, and a massive team of contractors, marketers, and assistants who are in charge of sales, investments, and management. Ali is also an experienced businessman who has undergone hardship and bounced back, learning valuable lessons along the way that he can share with clients and followers.

Ali noted that one of the reasons he experienced hardship and failure when starting out is that he did not work closely with others. This is part of the reason why he started working as the Director of Marketing for Canadian Islamic Wealth. He understands the value of collaboration and learning from the knowledge of others. With these companies, he is able to help investors with Muslim backgrounds invest and manage their investments.

The thousands of people who follow Canadian Islamic Wealth have access to a huge amount of knowledge, thanks to Sheraz Ali. His team’s wealth management services “help thousands of Muslims get ahead on their investments and personal finance, and educate them on how to grow their money in a Sharia-compliant way.” This one-of-a-kind business has changed lives throughout Canada by narrowing down a niche population facing a unique problem.

As a Muslim following Sharia law, investing isn’t as easy as choosing a company and making an investment; it has to be “halal.” Ali points out that this term doesn’t only refer to food, but business practices as well. Muslims need to reflect on their investments to make sure they’re halal so they can make sure they’re staying true to Sharia law. Ali defines a halal investment as “any that does not condone any haram activities or trades.” Some examples of haram businesses are ones that deal with gambling, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or adult entertainment. For example, Muslims interested in investing in manufacturing should be aware of what the company manufactures. If it creates tanks, guns, and other war machines, it would not be halal to invest in it.

Not only is the company’s product important to consider, but their business practices are, too. Muslim investors should be aware of how the company is treating its employees and if they’re polluting or causing harm to the environment. It takes a decent amount of research and insight to determine whether or not a company adheres to these halal standards, which is why Ali points it out to all his followers. With an incredible expert like Sheraz Ali on their side, Muslim investors throughout Canada have the right person on their side to guide them on their journey to success.



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