Sextape – Drixxxe Presents a Hot & Heavy 70s Adult Soundtrack Mix

Let me start off by saying that while you probably shouldn’t listen to this on your speakers at work, it’s actually not that unsafe for work. Save for a few moans and groans…

Right then, so what is this exactly? Well… it’s basically a collection of music and audio from 1970s adult entertainment videos that beatmaker and producer Drixxxe turned into a kickin’ rad mixtape. I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now (and not in pleasure), but I’m telling you… this really is worth a listen.

Sextape by Drixeee

Before you start listening, let me tell you a little about the mix. Actually, this is easier… Drixxxe describes this mix as…

A selection of vintage erotic & porn movie soundtracks (Black Lolita, Laure, Summer school, Aunt Peg, Madame Claude, Skin Flicks, Odyssey, Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude, Vampyros Lesbos, SessoMatto, Sexshop, Sex O’clock USA, Glenda, Emanuelle and the last cannibals…

I can’t speak to the accuracy of that description, so you’ll just have to listen for yourselves and let me know what you think.

If you’re still here, then guess what? You’re awesome! It’s official, you’ve got good taste in music and are worthy of the certificate and medal I’m sending you in the mail right now. Don’t ever say that we aren’t good to you here at Unfinished Man.

If you’re interested in hearing more of Drixxe’s work, then head over to his official SoundCloud page and have a listen around. He’s actually done a wide range of great mixes, including a sequel of sorts to the one that you just spend the last hour (hopefully) enjoying. After that? Well… maybe you can look up some of the quality movies he used as source material. They’re classic, just like Mozart, Beethoven, and all those other talented bastards.




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