Scott Wardley Is Helping Others Safely Navigate the Web3 Space

With exponential technological developments, especially in the digital space, the internet has been broken down, depriving most users of their data privacy. The Web3 concept has stepped in to create a decentralized ledger on a shared network. With Web3, everything has to be validated by the network before being approved, similar to how cryptocurrency works. People might exchange information or payments without the need for an intermediary. A Web3 internet is also designed to be permissionless, meaning anyone can use it without creating credentials or obtaining permission from a provider.

The data that makes up the internet would be stored on the network rather than on servers, as it is now. Any changes or movement of that data would be recorded on the blockchain, creating a record that the entire network could verify. This, in theory, keeps bad apples from exploiting data while also keeping track of where it goes.

Though a transformational technology, most individuals, brands, and corporates might still find it hard to navigate their way into the network. This blocks them from exploiting all the possible benefits of the network, but this should not be a worry anymore.

Scott Wardley, an experienced NFT program director and developer, has dedicated himself to helping others navigate the Web3 space safely. Scott is also an IT organization builder who focuses more on the NFT industry. He shares vast experience in the industry, having worked with top tech companies in the space. His previous work includes working in a managed cloud enablement organization, including retail systems. Throughout his career, Scott has worked with various individuals to share his knowledge and experience on Web3.

Scott also has a rich history of ecologically friendly efforts to reduce technology energy consumption. Combining IT virtualization and modernization, Scott has reduced carbon emissions by the equivalent of 3.5 acres of forest annually. His family is also carbon-neutral by producing 12K of solar power and using electric vehicles. Scott has also actively participated in talks and presentations related to IT capacity and has taken his passion to the NFT industry doing AMAs, Twitter space, and podcasts.

With the IT industry being a highly dynamic sector, Scott highlights his major challenge as getting some of his clients up to speed with the industry happenings. According to Scott, organizational dynamics continue to be the most significant challenge from his past IT services company, CCZL. NFTs are also another dynamic development in the technology world that is rapidly gaining in popularity. However, the recent NFT efforts have brought forth the need to fully adopt social media and influencer management. This is essential because the NFT industry is constantly evolving with new changes every day.

Passionate about the industry, Scott is building more and more projects to help others maneuver the Web3 environment. This includes improving his Seasaw Labs’ brand with over 12 NFT projects scheduled for this year. Scott also hints that his focus is on combining utility with being shared across the projects. His goal is to learn, grow, and teach many more people about the Web3 space and navigate it safely.



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