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If you’re one of our frequent readers, you may have noticed that we’ve given you many *ahem* sources of inspiration in the orgasm department. We like boobs a lot, and we’re guessing you do too. However, there’s a side of this we don’t usually talk about, and that’s sad because it’s just as interesting. I’m talking about… *drum roll*… the science of orgasms! 

You may not realize this, but when you have sex (or crank one off) there’s a wide range of things going on in your brain, and I’m not just talking about the weird shit you think about to get off. No, there are parts of the brain that essentially turn off, and there are hormones being released, and honestly… it’s very complicated, and much better explained by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.

I’m sorry, I can’t stop cumming, I’m sorry!

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I already knew quite a bit of the details explained in this video, but there was the odd bit – such as the same areas of the brain being used for both pleasure and pain – that I hadn’t really made the connection for, and that made it worth the watch alone. I think it’s a good overall summary of how our junk works. No longer will it be a mystery fire-hose, spewing out the secret sauce of fast food stands everywhere. No, it all makes sense now.

The world is full of mysteries, though, and if you’re interested in discovering more interesting bits of science, head over to Mitchell and Gregory’s YouTube Channel for a weekly dose of scientific insanity. They explain all sorts of common phenomenon, such as why people get car sick. I’ve been wondering that for years. I remember kids trying to read on the bus and puking, and I never quite understood why that happened. I just assumed I was immune because of my incredibly German physiology.




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