Receiving the Best Compensation Possible: 7 Factors That Determine the Value of a Car Accident Claim

Car accidents happen so frequently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the average person will be involved in four accidents in their lifetime. When someone is involved in a serious accident, determining the value of their claim is important. There are at least seven factors that can determine the value of your car accident claim.

Common Reasons for Car Accidents

There are many factors that can lead to serious car accidents. When someone becomes the victim of such an accident, they often need to contact George Salinas for help. The following offers information into some of the common reasons accidents occur.

· Driver distraction

· Aggressive driving

· Speeding

· Failure to follow the rules of the road

· Drowsy driving

· Driving under the influence

7 Factors That Determine the Value of Your Car Accident Claim

When a lawyer is determining the value of an injury claim, there are certain multipliers that are applied to the pain and suffering a person went through. Although economic damages are a concrete part of the value of a claim, there are non-economic damages that are more difficult to place a value on. Non-economic damages are for pain and suffering. The following are some factors that will increase the value of your car accident claim.

1. Hard injuries include broken bones, head injuries, nerve damage, and joint injuries. The severity of the injury increases the value of an accident claim.

2. The medical expenses a victim acquires can also greatly increase the value. Although the medical bills are considered economic damage, they can also serve in proving pain and suffering due to the extent of injuries.

3. Long-term recovery or permanent disability play a vital role in determining value. When an injured victim becomes partially or permanently disabled, they are often entitled to a much greater level of compensation.

4. Permanent injuries such as scars, limps, weakness, and loss of mobility hold a great weight when it comes to car accident compensation values. Anything that is going to affect a person for the rest of their life deserves greater compensation.

5. Life disruption is also an indicator of greater claim value. When a person misses school, work, or important events in life, they have a right to seek fair compensation for those losses.

5. Emotional distress is also something that is considered when it comes to placing value on a car accident claim. Sometimes, car accidents cause great emotional distress that haunts a person for weeks, months, or even years. In some cases, victims are scared to get back behind the wheel which can negatively affect their life.

6. Extensive medical treatments are also a factor that determines value. When someone must go through multiple medical procedures and surgeries, they may be entitled to a greater amount of compensation.

7. The medications that are prescribed can also play a role in figuring value. Some people must be placed on expensive medications or go through lengthy periods of taking prescription drugs.

Protect Yourself as a Victim

When you are injured because of the negligence of another driver, it is your right to seek fair compensation. Do not settle for less than you deserve. In some cases, serious accident victims would be wise to seek the help of a lawyer.


There are many considerations when it comes to valuing a car accident claim. Getting help from a lawyer may allow you to maximize the settlement amount you receive, so a fair outcome can be achieved.




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