Really Video – What Life Would Be Like If Looks Didn’t Matter… Or Something

You may have heard of – it’s a dating website where the supposed cream of the crop go to mingle. Existing ‘gorgeous’ members must vote on applicants and rank them in order of attractiveness, and only those deemed pretty enough to play with the cool kids are let in. As you can imagine, there was a lot of bitching heard ’round the world when this site debuted.  In response, Beautiful People put together this ‘viral’ Really Video about how the world would be if looks didn’t matter, to help explain their mission and to make them look less like shallow douchebags. The only problem is, it’s a unbelievably comedic failure on every level. Really Video – What Life Would Be Like If Looks Didn’t Matter… Or Something

If you’re not totally familiar with, let me give you a brief rundown. Initially, we tried to get an account activated because we thought it would be great fodder for a post. Unfortunately, after getting in and months of completely forgetting the site existed because it’s completely retarded, here’s what I can safely report:
There’s a lot of this:

young asian woman altered by photoshop
Don't worry if your heavyhanded photoshoppery warps the entire picture- simply apply hearts and kisses strategically and none the wiser.
young man in ed hardy jacket really video
Remember what we told you about Ed Hardy?
woman with too much makeup really video
In order to hide any REAL attractiveness, simply apply ten pairs of false lashes and blow out the contrast until nose disappears.
woman with large breasts laying on her back
Let's be honest, this is the right approach.

and a lot of eighties and nineties throwback photos:man with shirt off posingWant to talk to any of these people, or do anything at all related to the site? Just pony up $95 for 6 months and you’re guaranteed to be shooting babes in a barrel. There are certainly some good looking people on the site, but it definitely feels as though the attractive people who’ve been drawn to this style of service have the egos and attitudes to match. So in an effort to both shock the world with their truthful edginess (and I’m sure in an attempt to garner more attention- here you go!), and to rattle the cages of all of us loyal members, shot this promotional ‘viral’ Really Video, to show us how horrible the world would be if looks never mattered. It’s an overlong, uncomfortably unfunny piece of tripe that did manage to get much more amusing the more I watched it, but for all the wrong reasons. The ugly guy and his eagle (seagull?) impersonation are visions of pure wonder. I’m going up to the next man I want to hit on and using the “hey, deep thinker” line.

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