Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Next Car

Over here on our little section of the web, we love our cars. We want them to be fast, furious and stunning. But we’re not crazy. We know that the average Joe isn’t going to be able to afford the next supercar to enter the market. It was the fundamental flaw in the old style of Top Gear. If anyone remembers, the original Top Gear, before the great trio took over, it was a car review show. But they were mainly reviewing cars that ninety-nine percent of their viewers would never have been able to afford. For instance, how many Bugatti Veyrons have you seen swooning around town? Not many, we’d imagine, and that’s because the asking price is close to what most people would pay for a home. That’s why as fun as some of these reviews are, they aren’t helpful when looking for advice on buying a new car.

Instead, you need to think about the important questions that you will have to ask, thinking about a purchase. If you ask all these questions, we think you’ll have found the perfect car for you. So, let’s get started shall we.

What Type Of Car Do I Want?

There are quite a few different types of cars to consider. The one you choose will depend on what you’ll mostly be using the car for. For instance, you could get an SUV. SUVs are popular with parents and businessmen alike. They provide huge amounts of space, a lot of power, and they are often quite reliable. It doesn’t hurt that some are incredibly fuel efficient and that they look beautiful.

Or, you might think about purchasing a hatchback. A hatchback is the perfect first-time driver vehicle. It’s speedy enough to be a lot of fun on the roads. But it won’t cost you a fortune to ensure it. That’s certainly a notable perk.

Maybe you have a huge family who needs a lot of space. More space than your average SUV will provide. In that case, you should look no further than the people carrier. People carriers typically have seven or eight seats. Any bigger than that and you should just go the whole hog and buy a mini bus. But people carriers have also been a popular choice with smaller families. Take out the extra seats and you will have a car with a massive boot space.

Then, there are what we commonly refer to as dream vehicles. They usually only have two seats, so they’re not practical if you have a family. They are incredibly fast and fun. But they are also quite delicate. That means when winter rolls around they need to be tucked up safely in a garage. Their two wheel drive makes them useless in icy conditions anyway.

This is your first decision. Decide the right type of car for you. Most people with either opt for an SUV or a hatchback. That’s why they’re the most common cars you’ll see out on the roads.

What Features Do I Need?

Even within these groups, there are numerous differences between the models of cars on sale. For instance, the BMW X1 is a beautiful SUV with a stunning look. It’s also incredibly fuel efficient and will easily make 85MPG. On the other hand, the Land Rover will only make sixty to sixty-five miles per gallon. Quite a drop, we think you’ll agree, considering there isn’t that much of a difference in price. As well as this, the Land Rover doesn’t have the sports setting that the X1 does. This will put the X1 leagues ahead of the Land Rover for drivers who love to race down the highways. But, if you want to make sure that you stay off the side of the road, it’s the Land Rover you need. They are renowned for their reliability, even in the harshest of conditions.

Photo by Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash

For parents, one of the most important features will probably be how safe the car is. Again, if this is your primary concern you are better buying either an SUV or people carrier. Due to the huge sizes of these vehicles, you will be providing your family with extra protection. If you are in an accident on the road unless you are tee-boned, it’s unlikely you’ll suffer serious injuries. Particularly, if you choose one of the biggest SUVs on the market.

A business man’s main concern might be looks. They might put car performance second if the car looks stunning. An extreme example of this would be the Delorean. The Delorean is a truly useless car that can only travel at ridiculously slow speeds without failing. If you buy a Delorean, you won’t be buying the car from Back To The Future. That one was custom made with a better engine. But it will certainly look like the car from the film on your driveway. For some people, looks are more important.

A business owner may also want to think about fuel efficiency. Particularly, if they will be taking a lot of trips away from the office. Or, if they are facing a long commute each day into work.

What Can You Afford?

The next question you need to consider is how much you can afford to spend on your new vehicle. Or, How much you should spend. You might have eighty grand to spend on your new car. That’s an impressive amount of money. But should you spend all of this on your vehicle? A vehicle that you mustn’t forget will be continuously depreciating in value, from the moment of purchase.

Photo by IgorShubin
Photo by IgorShubin

It might be best to spend less than you can afford on your new car. We think, anything more than fifty thousand is pushing the amount that the average person should be spending on a vehicle. Think about your car like a cell phone. If you spend more, you might get a few extra features. But the primary use for a cell phone is to make calls and send messages. They all do that!

Where Should You Buy From?

Once you’ve narrowed down the type, the features and the cost you should have an idea for your next car firmly in mind. For instance, if you want a cheap SUV that is fuel efficient, check out the Dacia Duster. Or, if you love a hot hatchback that looks awesome, a Volkswagen Golf GTi is your new pick. If you’ve narrowed it down to a model, then your next question is, where should you buy it from.

There are now numerous options when choosing where to buy your new vehicle. For instance, you can buy online, although we wouldn’t recommend it. If you buy online, you won’t be able to test the car before you drive. This is particularly dangerous if you’re buying a car second hand. But you also need to consider this when buying a new car. It’s always better to see it in person and preferably, take it for a spin. Otherwise, you can easily be swindled. Be particularly aware if the licence plate has been blocked out of the picture. Car sellers know this is how to check the history of a car. If it’s blocked out, they clearly don’t want you to. That suggests they have something to hide.

Photo by Khykhan10
Photo by Khykhan10

If you’re looking for a cheaper car, you will probably be thinking about buying one second-hand. It’s a great idea but only if you complete all the checks you need. You can complete a car history check online that will delve into the past life of a vehicle. That way, you can make sure you’re not buying a dud.

Or finally, you might buy brand new. At that point, it’s all about the haggle. Try to remember that the displayed price is not the price the seller expects the car to go for. They expect you to haggle and try to get the price lowered. As well as this, you need to try to get a few extra features in with the cost. Remember; car sellers work on commission. They’ll work with you to get you to the point of sale.

We hope you have found these questions useful. They should providing insight into what you should be thinking about, buying your next car.




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