Perfectly Timed Photos – Part IV

This will be the fourth installment of the Perfectly Timed Photos series. To the best of my knowledge, these photographs have not been photoshopped. Although some of these are timed perfectly by accident – most are timed to create an illusion something cool happening in the picture. So here is a small collection of perfectly timed photographs that I was able to find for your viewing pleasure.

Perfectly Timed Photo on Golf Course
Hole in One
Perfectly Timed Photos of guys head in butt
He got Analihilated .....I mean Annihilated
Perfectly Timed Photos of Ice Skating
He 'came' so close to winning
Perfectly Timed Photos bear hug baby
Awww, who wants a bear hug?
Perfectly Timed Photos of woman crushing man
Women don't just crush hearts anymore
Perfectly Timed Photos man sitting on nescafe bottle
He's going to be sore after that
Perfectly Timed Photos woman standing on pyramid
Amazing balancing skills
Perfectly Timed Photos man eating moon
Enjoying a Moon Pie
Perfectly Timed Photos picking large rock from beach
Can't think of a caption
Perfectly Timed Photos kid and a church
Insert inappropriate comment here
Perfectly Timed Photos grabbing grand canyon
Another inappropriate comment here

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