Our Top 3 Career Paths Off the Beaten Track

You’ve traveled the career path that is the nine-to-five grind, watched hour after hour trickle past you in a graying office, and thought, “That’s it! I’ve had enough! It’s time for a change!”

Indeed, when a job begins to feel fustier than an 88-year-old Alan Partridge, it’s time to escape and try something new.

And you don’t want something perfectly ordinary again. You want something brand spanking new, off the beaten track and exciting. You want the kind of job that piques interest at dinner parties and makes people want to know more about you.

In fact, you want one of the jobs listed here. At least, you might. We’ve found a few outré positions for you to check out. Give them a look and see if any take your fancy. By the end of this article you may have found a new and exciting future career.

Fitness Professional

Are you fighting fit, always ready to hit the gym and constantly talking your pals’ ears off about the latest nutritional drink? Then the world of fitness could be for you.

Private gyms have skyrocketed in popularity over the years, with gym memberships a main fixture on most people’s outgoings for the month. And they’re the perfect hunting ground for enthusiastic personal trainers to nab some clients.

But knowing how to become a personal trainer isn’t as easy as rocking up to a gym with a pocketful of promises. To convince people of your fitness prowess, you’ll need to get qualified.

Courses available online can teach you how to become a trainer, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Study for one of these courses and you’ll be able to hit the gym and earn plenty of cash.

Medical Tester

Popping pills for a living might sound dangerous (and that’s because it is), but it’s also an easy way to make quick cash.

For those of you not in the know, medical testing (also known as clinical trials) is the process of testing out drugs during their development stages and seeing their effects on the human body.

Testers usually have to stay on a ward for the duration of the trial, where they’ll be constantly monitored for abnormalities.
And the reward for this dangerous task? For a fortnight, you could gain anything between £2-3000. It’s a position that takes a steely resolve, but it’s well worth it to make some cash.

Professional Mourner

And now, a more somber profession – professional mourners are, sadly, required at some funerals, and they can get paid in the range of £70 for their efforts. If you join an agency of professional mourners (there are a few), you could have a regular income for a sorrowful but respectable job.



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