Online Shopping App Marketing: Strategies to Boost Downloads and User Retention

With over 3.7 million Android apps on the Google Play Store and nearly 2.2 million on Apple’s App Store, standing out from the competition is more pressing than ever. Moreover, the average 30-day retention rate for these apps is only 5.7%, emphasizing the need to keep the audience hooked from the get–go.

The numbers are no different for online shopping apps. Learning effective marketing with the best online shopping apps in a highly saturated market can help maximize downloads and improve retention rates. Effective marketing involves techniques and methods to attract, engage, and retain users, driving them to download and regularly utilize the app for making purchases.

Let’s explore some expert online shopping app marketing strategies to keep users engaged and boost downloads.

Best Marketing Strategies to Promote Your eCommerce Mobile App

Ideally, the marketing efforts must commence before the availability of the product. Some studies suggest launching app promotion right when the development stage starts. Hence, it is vital to research the target market even before the launch.

Also, it is worth noting that marketing cannot compensate for subpar user experience. Leverage the best eCommerce app development services and make deliberate efforts to develop a user–friendly, engaging app.

With the basics covered, here is what your marketing efforts should include:

Work on a Website and Dedicated Blog

Developing a website and blog is the most effective way to increase the searchability of the app and make sure it is easy to locate. People start their buyer journey by scouring the web to find solutions. Hence, having visibility on search engines is crucial to reaching a broader audience base. Develop an SEO-focused website for your eCommerce shop.

Further, a well-planned and optimized blog can help offer the most sought-after information people look for online. Strive to get the attention of users searching for topics related to shopping experiences.

Harness the Power of Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is a sure–shot way to create a buzz around your online shopping app on popular media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Collaborating with influencers adds that touch of authenticity to your brand. Combined with the power of visual media for recall and retention, influencer marketing is one of the most engaging and attractive methods to get your app out there.

A McKinsey & Company study suggests that 20 to 50% of purchases are influenced by word of mouth. Buyers trust friends’ recommendations because they trust their friend’s opinions. Influencers are the key to drawing that relationship out for your brand.

Also, explore referral marketing, another excellent way to create engaging campaigns. Launch an enticing referral campaign encouraging existing users to recommend your app within their social circles. Besides, referrals are a relatively cost-effective way to acquire users compared to other methods. It can help improve downloads and retention rates at the same time.

Invite Positive App Reviews Through Incentives

Apart from referrals, you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing through positive reviews. Positive and genuine reviews can significantly improve conversion rates and enhance downloads.

Users are 8 times more inclined to download apps from lesser-known brands if they have high ratings, as opposed to poorly reviewed apps from well-established and recognized brands. However, creating a positive experience around your apps starts with an excellent shopping app that can organically encourage users to leave positive reviews.

Offer incentives to invite more reviews. The eCommerce app development services ensure the integration of features that trigger review requests at various stages of the customer journey. Remember, it should not make too many requests for reviews or specify desired ratings.

Utilize Search Ads to Promote Your App

A report by Think with Google reveals that 27% of app discoveries happen through search engines! Further, 50% of mobile app downloads are directly attributed to the influence of search ads. These numbers underscore the potential of search ads to attract and engage prospects right when they are searching for your solutions.

Besides, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a cost-effective method requiring you to pay only if a user clicks on the ad. Here, you ensure your campaigns are reaching a targeted audience and driving efforts and resources toward a segmented niche most likely to interact with your app. Hence, you can consider leveraging Google Ads to advertise on the web or in the search results.

Focus on Effective App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a targeted and detailed mobile app marketing strategy beyond writing an enticing description for your eCommerce app. Strategically implemented ASO can improve search ranking and increase downloads.

Start with identifying the search terms people are using to find online shopping apps like yours and use them strategically in the title to improve visibility.

One ranking factor is the short description that allows you to improve keyword rankings. You can write an 80-character short description and a 4000-character long description about your app incorporating keywords. Optimize your target audience’s location and tailor the app description with local SEO.

The design also helps with app store marketing, leading to higher engagement, more views, clicks, and downloads. Incorporate images, screenshots, icons, previews, and demo videos to entice the prospects.

Create an Exceptional Onboarding Strategy

A well-implemented onboarding strategy helps users understand how to use your shopping app and engage with it. When a user downloads and installs your app for the first time, the onboarding process highlights the app’s value. It provides instructions that demonstrate the key features of the app.

Consequently, an effective onboarding process is essential to your app’s success and improve user retention. You can integrate and automate the email flow of the onboarding process to provide correct information at the right time.

However, ensure that the onboarding flow is tested to create the best experience. When encountering a low trial-to-paid conversion rate, review your onboarding experience to comprehend the reasons behind it.

Final Thoughts

Boosting app downloads and user retention may not be a straightforward task, but employing these app promotion strategies can significantly enhance the chances.

Always consider your target audience’s preferences when implementing these strategies to rank among the best online shopping apps. Sometimes, what might effectively attract the general consumer might not necessarily resonate as strongly with your specific audience.

Collaborate with influencers and launch marketing campaigns – you can almost certainly ensure eCommerce app marketing success. Consistently review and



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