The Obamacare Trail – Navigating Job Opportunities

With the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, a lot of feathers have been ruffled on my home turf. People complain that it costs the taxpayer too much. Others complain about an “encroachment” of personal freedoms by the government. Even still, there are those who believe the bill doesn’t go far enough, and desire a single payer system. No matter where you fall along these lines, there is the unavoidable fact that 30 million newly insured is going to be a huge influx to the health system, and with this influx comes jobs.

Now, assuming you aren’t already well on your way to becoming a doctor by virtue of desire (or by force of parents) there are still ways to get in on this windfall. Nurses are truly an under-appreciated, under paid, part of our health system. Nurses also perform a large glut of the tasks at a hospital, whether it be paper work, setting needles, or administering medications. So, while we might need more doctors, we’ll most assuredly need even more nurses to keep up with the demand. Remember though, nursing is closer to Nurse Jackie than it is to Scrubs.

There are no plucky janitors.
There are no plucky janitors.

If you’re a hemophiliac, or otherwise grossed out by the great variety of bodily fluids available, a healthcare I.T. job might be for you. Starting at a doctor’s office computer, straight down to the MRI controller, and heart monitors, the technical side of healthcare management is going to be booming in all areas.  Even the roll out of the site was in need of some serious database management given the load it encountered. If this is any indication, health information management jobs are about to get crazy lucrative.

Even an adrenaline junky can find their way in this world as an EMT or First Responder. Combining all the medical know-how of an emergency room doctor, coupled with the high-speed driving of any Jason Statham film is sure to get you buzzing. Of course, this isn’t for those with a weak stomach. If you don’t believe me just Google EMT Gore (PLEASE DEAR GOD DO NOT GOOGLE THAT).

I warned you.
I warned you.

Of course, there are those who have no care in the world for medical jobs. Taking off bandages make you cringe, and you fainted when your dad removed a splinter from your thumb. Well that’s fine! There are plenty of other office work that needs doing. Medical billers, accountants, and even secretaries will all be needed to fill the gaps with healthcare management jobs. Hell, there may even be need for translators at the pharmacy. No not because of immigrants, because doctors can’t write. This is a bad “doctor handwriting” joke. Have you heard one before?

At any rate keep your eyes peeled for some of these new opportunities. Sites like are sure to start featuring quite a bit of new jobs as the year progresses. Assuming America doesn’t descend into some sort of Mad Max dystopian hellscape as claimed by the Republicans.



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