Not Getting The Healthy Work Life You Want? Check This Out

You probably spend most of your life at your work premises. Especially if it is a desk based job such as an office. When spending so much time somewhere you need to make sure it is safe and that nothing is making you ill. Illness and accidents occur and are caused by your place of work all the time, but by employing a few nifty techniques you can limit them happening to you.

Check The Humidity

High humidity isn’t nice to work in. It’ll keep you hot and clammy, whereas low humidity can give you a cold, the flu or keep you feverish. It can be quite hard to decide what is a comfortable humidity level, as people’s preferences vary and have different levels of tolerance for both high and low humidity. However managing the humidity can make your work life much easy. You could employ a dehumidifier to make sure you’re working in a cool environment. Working in comfort is always much better than struggling along whilst being constantly nagged by an annoyance. The noise of the machine may be unsettling at first, but when you get used to it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Wear Non Slip Shoes

The amount of slips and trips in the workplace are huge. They can be quite nasty too, you can really hurt your head or break some bones if you’re not careful. If you work somewhere where floor spillages occur quite frequently like a restaurant or car garage then it will certainly pay to wear the correct footwear. They can also stop ankle breakages and don’t have to compromise your fashion as they come in all shapes and sizes.

Tension Neck Syndrome

In an office environment you likely spend eight hours a day in the same position. The neck is meant to move and be flexible, so staying in the same position can prove painful and even adversely affect your sleep. The tension builds up to a painful level, leaving your frustrated and aching. It can occur in your shoulders too, if you’re hunched over a keyboard typing all day the tension will build and affect your work. TNS can be averted by exercise and taking appropriate breaks. If you take long phone calls use a headset or go hands free. Otherwise your neck will be bent at an awkward angle for long periods of time. You should also try to get up and stretch every now and then.


When you’re working drinking water is usually pushed to the back of your mind until break time. But it isn’t enough. You should keep a bottle of water near your person and take regular sips. Doing this will keep your energy levels up and keep you feeling fresh and ready to go. It can help with fatigue too, drinking more water allows you to work at your highest level for longer. Try a bottle of water next time instead of a cup of coffee and see the difference it makes to your work based health.



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