Most Awesomest Thing Ever!

So you’re bored on the internets and need a little entertainment? How about killing five to ten minutes on the Most Awesomest Thing Ever? The site is pretty self explanatory. They are looking for your vote to determine what the most awesome thing in the universe is. Two completely random things are put against each other and you vote on the more awesome thing. Pretty simple and entertaining. Below are a few random things I’ve had to vote on.

Burger Vs. Hillary Clinton

Skinny Dipping Vs. XBox 360

Magic Hat Vs. Coca-Cola

Hammerhead Shark Vs. Google Maps

Snacks Vs. Industrial Revolution

Well, you get the point.


Last time I checked, the most Awesomest was the Internet followed by:

A Nap



Lightsaber (Real)




Leonardo da Vinci

and last but not least, Ninjas!




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