Morning Grooming Tips for Men

Getting ready daily in the morning is done by men from 10 minutes to one hour according to their speed and habits. A quick shave and shower, inserting the body in to the dress, dash of after shave, deodorant spray, a lightening combing and voila ready for the day.

In the past, it was considered that women only needed to beautify their body and there was no need for the male folk to bother about their appearance. Today, male grooming has become equally important.

Let us see some grooming tips for men to follow in the rush hours of morning without failure.

About Shaving: The all time rule is to have a well kempt facial hair whatever it is called, moustache, beard and sideburns.

Nail Care: Clean, shining nails on clean hands show how much organized and well groomed the person is. Manicures for men are a common thing today. Those who have not visited beauty parlours, without hesitation can visit them now. Varnish or nail polish will enhance the cleanliness of nails and their appearance.

Skin care: Cleaning the face involves removing of dead skin particles which automatically makes the skin smoother and cleaner than before. Along with this treatment, removal of black heads, unwanted ingrown hairs and acne will make the act a complete one. Best tool for this is the apricot scrub. It will open up the pores greatly.

Anti aging products for men must be applied not as a separate product but with a combination of few cosmetics. Anti aging cream in combination of a concealer or a light foundation is the right choice to use for anti aging treatment. However, products chosen must be a standard and branded one with good proven track record.

Cosmetics for men are numerous in the market. They must be selected carefully after much inspection and discussion with the professionals. Of course there is no need to apply any lipstick or eye shadow for men; however, light cosmetics applied intelligently will certainly enhance the look. Those in the field of media and others who need to face glaring limelight can use them. A little bit of training and guidance from the professional groomers is a must to apply cosmetics for men. This is because, if there is any slight mistake, it will show up wrongly or ugly spoiling everything.

Teeth whitening: This is more important. With just a whitening paste, teeth can be as white as pearls and gleam through hearty smile.

Fresh Breath: Use of good mouth washer after eating will do the trick. However, if the problem persists visit the physician and put a pull stop for this immediately.

Hair style and Clothing: Gentle shampoo with Vitamin E and hot oil shampooing regularly is a must to have natural looking shine. Well laundered clothes and good polished shoes are equally a must. These are minimum requirements for maintaining ‘cleanliness’ the major key for grooming.

With all these tips on male grooming men can make themselves pleasing and bubbling with confidence; handsome men can be more handsome.




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