Modern Fistload Weapon, Or Stylish Pen? The Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

smith and wessen tactical ballpoint penWhen you hear the name Smith & Wesson, you probably think of revolvers- being the largest gun manufacturer in the United States, Smith & Wesson has produced everything from police pistols to shotguns. Only recently have they ventured from the realm of projectile weapons, to the land of hand to hand combat. If you find yourself dueling it out in the office, this tactical ballpoint pen may be your key to victory.

Weighing in at 1.7 ounces, this deeply fluted 5.7″ long ballpoint pen affords its wielder the power to sign letters and stab sweaters.Though it may make for an awkward writing implement, the weight and design of this T6061 aircraft grade aluminum pen makes for a stealthy and efficient weapon. When you’re being robbed at gun point in the office, what robber would expect you to stab him with a heavy and aggressive looking pen?

I’ve heard of women carrying sharpened chopsticks in their hair as weapons, and utensils like this “pen” are really a natural extension of this- why conceal a weapon, when you could hide one in plain sight that’s just as deadly? Humanity’s creativity towards the dealing of death really has no limits.



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