Mind-blowing Facts About Casinos

Whether you enjoy visiting a land-based casino or prefer trying your luck at an online site, we are all here to enjoy the casino experience. Such games have been a part of life for centuries and nowadays, it is easier than before to simply spin the wheel or play a few hands. However, many people do not know the history and stories that casinos originate from. This article will explain some fun facts behind this pastime.

  • Some of the most popular land-based casinos are located in Las Vegas, London and Macao, all with the aim to offer the best casino experience for you. However, many do not know that casinos originated in Italy. The term ‘casino’ originates from the word ‘casa’ which is the Italian word for ‘house’. Back in the days this term was used for a number of different establishments including clubs. In Venice, gambling can be dated back to 1638.
  • Another interesting fact is the evolution of London casinos. Bath, also previously known as UK’s gaming epicenter, was overpowered by London with dedicated gaming houses beginning to emerge. Once most famous chocolate houses and gentlemen’s clubs were later developed into casinos, and that is when the casino scene was booming in London.
  • If you enjoy trying your luck at casinos, you will surely know all about the casino jackpots. These life changing sums can be the result of playing a slot machine. One of the biggest slot machine wins took place in Las Vegas when a player wagered $100 on Megabucks and ended up going home with the sum of $39.7 Million. Since 2003 till this day, this record still stands.
  • Online jackpots on newly established casino sites around the world have not been able to beat the record of $39.7 Million, however, they have still managed to return a six-figure number. The current record stands at €17,861,800, won by a Finnish player playing Mega Fortune.
  • When playing online slots, you will notice the RTP, Return to Player. This term refers to the average payout that you will be paid for each bet made. The minimum RTP must be set at 70% for all casinos, therefore, for every $/£/€ 1 staked, $/£/€ 0.70 must be paid out. You will notice that most slots will have an RTP of around 97%.
  • When you gamble, you need skill, luck, and most importantly, patience and stamina. Tournaments can easily last for hours or even days. In 1881 in Arizona, the longest game of poker is rumored to have lasted for eight years with occasional sleep and lunch breaks. This incredible marathon is said to have had some $10,000,000 changed hands.
  • The first ever slot machine is said to go way back to 1895 and it was developed by Charles Fell. This original slot was called the Liberty Bell and it was very basic in construction but a pioneer for the boom in slot machines later on.
  • Many retired sportsmen and women have successfully transitioned to poker tables. Besides many others, famous striker Sheringham is known for making £330,000 simply from the poker table. Other occupations have also led to become renowned casino players.




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