Microkinis – Everything You Need to Know About Them

Almost every woman has heard of micro bikinis or microkinis. However, only a handful of them are daring enough to wear one.

So what is that special about this item? What makes it stand out?

Microkinis are bikinis that use minimal material. They are more revealing than covering making them perhaps the most provocative fashion item on the free market. However, because they are so thin and small, they are often frowned upon and can be hard to come by. You won’t see a microkini is a window of a big department store. Instead, you will likely have to order one online from bikini shops such as this.

What is a micro bikini?

Micro bikinis are sexy swimwear.

Now, you might say that most types of swimwear are made to feel sexy and daring. Still, micro bikinis take it one step further.

Unlike standard items, micro bikinis barely cover your intimate areas giving lots of room to imagination. They usually use strings for connecting different pieces, cups and frontal triangle are very small while there is a thong in the back.

When we say that micro bikinis use minimal fabric, we truly mean so. They don’t have cups, wiring, padding, lining or any other additional stuff that is common for regular swimwear. Woman’s figure can easily be seen through them. Nevertheless, there are also different variations to this model but the main thing remains the same – they should reveal woman’s attributes.

Micro bikinis were first introduced during the 90s and in a short amount of time they’ve become a real hit among certain people. However, general society still found them to be too extreme so they never became a mainstream fashion item. Nevertheless, big fashion brands are making these products and new models are hitting the market every summer.

Common misconceptions about micro bikinis

First misconception is that micro bikinis are the same as string bikinis. This is not true.

While micro bikinis are usually string bikinis (as they almost always consist of strings that connect various parts), string bikinis are almost never micro bikinis. The distinction is rather obvious and even if you don’t have any experience with microkinis, you can easily and quickly notice it. String bikinis have much more material to them and they are not as revealing around intimate areas.

Second common misconception is that micro bikinis are only invented for sex industry. While they can be rather provocative and even used in bed, this wasn’t the main purpose of the item. Instead, it was created like every other type of a bikini – it was meant to make women feel sexy. Micro bikinis are made to be worn on the beach or on private pools, in the same way you would wear any other type off swimwear.

When and where can I wear them?

Due to their extreme nature, these products are not ideal for public places. While there are certain public beaches where they can be worn, it is much better if you get acquainted with beach rules prior to visiting it. Basically, you should avoid wearing it in places where there is a big number of people and especially small children.

Nevertheless, this item can always be worn on private pools and beaches, wild beaches and while in nature. Great thing about the item is the fact that it is really liberating, you barely feel it on you and at the same time, it makes you feel sexy.

If you like to feel empowered and yet, attractive, you should definitely try one of these items today!




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