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So being a perpetual hobbyist, constantly in search of new ways to do strange things better, I find myself on the fringe. I paid a man a premium for the privilege of ordering a Raspberry Pi. I have custom programmed video controllers to run salvaged laptop screens. Hell, you guys have seen me write about the piece meal setups that exist in my house. I don’t need to tell you again. Something I do feel compelled to mention again, my disdain for wasting monies. Luckily for me, I am a man with friends. Stop laughing.


Well listen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Like so many Pokémon we have collected these friends, and professor oak is pleased. Well it’s time to turn in that Pokedex and get yourself some discounts. Massdrop. Much like the Wonder Trade all the kids are talking about, it’s a system for mass pokemon trading purchase of goods.

Much like the Kickstarter and other such things, you, friends, and strange internet people, get together and pledge money for the purchase of an item. The difference being, this item already exists. Quite a novel idea, to be sure. The real kicker, pooling your money with friends and the sort actually lowers your individual cost. Imagine as if you and your friends were Wal-Mart. Except you are cleaner than Wal-mart, and less stabbings happen in your parking lot.

Chances of trampling also drops.
Chances of trampling also drops.

So how does this magic work you say? Well it’s simple. Let’s say you and some friends commit to buy yourself the latest and greatest in stereo equipment. You and some guys commit, get the word out, and suddenly a few other buddies buy in. Now, instead of a single order for yourself, the manufacturer has an order for 100 units. This lowers the handling cost, and believe it or not the packaging cost. So, now your order of 100 speakers is sent to Massdrop who performs all of the repackaging. Congrats on your new stereo.

“But Scott,” you say “I’m a friendless person. What happens when not enough people buy in?”. Well that’s easy pal. Just like your social life, Nothing happens! You keep your money, and are left trying to scour big box stores for the item. Sounds brilliant, right? Wrong. The most brilliant part is what happens when you have friends and more people buy in. The price per unit drops, and as does theirs so does yours, because there isn’t a single charge made to your account until after the purchase.  Pledged to buy that new 3d printer for $1000 first, and all other orders drop it to $800? Well congrats, you too get it for $800. Like I said, Brilliant!

So round up your friends, family members, and the women who haven’t blocked you on Facebook yet and get cracking. That money isn’t going to save itself!



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