How to Make Money Running Errands

There are many individuals who find themselves at a point where defining their skillsets can be a challenge, which makes find a job difficult as well. Many of these people are find work through running errands for others in their neighborhood or city. This is just the picking up dry cleaners or doing some grocery shopping, those are some of the tasks, though, there are a number of errands you can get paid to do around your area. These errands can potentially be the starting blocks to finding a job you really enjoy doing! So how can you get start making money running errands?

Where to go for errand jobs?
While there may be a number of places you can go to find some local jobs TaskRabbit offers a secure and easy to use platform that can get you set up and ready to find the right job in your area.

Taskrabbit is quick and easy to sign up with, but you will have to go through an orientation to move onto the job searching venture. These orientations usually last for about two hours and you need to complete it so you can understand how to use the app, interact with clients, submit invoices and be more successful as, what they call, a tasker. It may seem like a bit more work than you intended but once the orientation is over you can instantly start accepting tasks in your area. You get to make you owns rates and set your own schedules, so trading in just two hours to better understand how the company works will only benefit you in the long run.

Taskrabbit tends to have a variety of jobs available that fall into these main categories:
• Handyman
• Cleaning
• Delivery
• Moving
• Furniture Assembly
• Personal Assistance

Jobs can range from painting a room in a home, hanging shelves, cleaning or delivering a special package across town. You can even find personal assistant jobs which can offer much more consistent and regular work with the same client over a specified length of time. All these simple jobs that you do can easily be the starting place where you can begin building some references. You may just find all these little tasks you keep doing can turn into your own private business adventure.

The TaskRabbit app makes it easy for you to get paid over a secure line. They handle all dispute and discrepancy with the utmost respect and concern. They have a thorough system that requires a video chat between the client and taskers to negotiate all the terms, once the terms have been agreed on by both parties they accept the agreement and the job is complete by you, the tasker in the required time frame. Once you have successfully completed the job you get paid.

Whether you are a college student looking to fit in a part-time job around your class schedule, a parent that needs to be able to work around their kids schedule or someone still looking for their calling, signing up with TaskRabbit can be an easy way for you to make money to help pay the bills or save each month.



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