How to Make Your Gaming Experience Better in Dota 2, CS:GO?

Years ago gaming was easier – all you had to do is to install the game and go on forth to play. However, many players abandoned games due to the fact they got used to the gaming process and there was no additional stimulus to play further. Nowadays this problem is partly covered by skins – gaming accessories that make your character, loading screen or other game elements look different and often better.

If you know about skins you know that they have value. You can buy or sell them, you can gain them for free, you can also earn on them. It is rather easy as all you have to do is to sell the skins on Skinsmarket and try to sell a couple of skins if you have some on your Steam account.

Though if you do not want to sell skins, you can use those.

Wearable Skins

Both for DOTA 2 and CS:Skins there are wearable items you can use. For DOTA 2 there are hundreds of various skins like:

  • helmet
  • armor
  • weapons
  • animals

Each character in DOTA 2 has several types of wearable skins to choose from – the either vary by design and value.

For CS:GO all you can experiment with is a weapon. Really, there are many designs of weaponry that makes your character using those look unusual and make other players understand you are a dedicated player.

Non-Wearable Skins

blue electric person thing

This is more for DOTA 2. If you have noticed there are many skins that allow you to use other types of a loading screen, terrain appearance on the map and etc. Using those would be a good idea if you want the old school interface to look different.

Skins as Achievements

Recently, players have only obsessed their gaming skills and now there are trying to the outcome with the equipment they use. If it is not enough for you to just play, why not make acquiring specific skin an achievement you are ought to reach?

As for the DOTA 2, for example, there are hundreds of skins for the character – 5 and more per the hero. So why not to make dressing your heroes your new hobby?


Gaming became not just a way to have a good time but also a way to express yourself when the skins have appeared on the scene. So why not to use this opportunity to make gaming more interesting and more demanding?

All in all, if you do not manage to get enough satisfaction from collecting various skins you can always sell those for real money and thus get a compensation for hours of looting.




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