Luxury Home Builders in Los Angeles For a Small Washroom Makeover in 2021 Right Before the New Year

Americans take their washrooms seriously. They wish to have luxurious ones with elegant cabinetry, fancy fixtures and even a Jacuzzi while ticking off the desire for privacy. In 2020, 33% of homeowners renovated their master bathroom since they could no longer stand the old one and nearly half of all US homeowners changed the layout as a part of their renovation project. But working on a small space is tricky. This is especially with limited light, too many installations and a lack of square footage. You might not have to knock down walls or make major replacements. But one must be careful with the colors, custom countertops and flooring to make sure the space feels bigger.

The best solution is to collaborate with a construction company. The top luxury home builders in Los Angeles like Giant Construction recommend working with professionals that can carefully manage every aspect of custom bathrooms including plumbing and tiles. Below are a few ideas to help them remodel the space according to your taste.

Visually Raise the Height

Add narrower crowning models. Paint it to match the ceiling. You can ask the new home builders to add recessed lighting instead of fixtures that hang down. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows are the most sought-after choices that create a perception of the outdoor being a natural extension of the room. Skylights would be a practical idea here that maintains privacy yet ensures ample natural light. You can also consider taller shelves, vertical paneling and wall scones that direct light upward. Smart choices can make the job fast and affordable.

Light Colors

Avoid dark and contrasting colors. Keep the scheme light and monochromatic. Pick shades like warm white, butter yellow, icy green and aqua blue. You can also go for a single color family and pick different shades. Match the floor tile color with that of the walls. This can help open up the space. White paint would be the best option for small washrooms since it can reflect the most amount of light. Avoid dark inky colors and glossy hues. These can make the space smaller with a cave-like feeling.

Redo the Storage

Try shrinking the cabinets to fit only the essentials. These will include extra towels, tissue boxes, cleaning supplies and basic skin-care. Go for modular washroom organizers, over-the-toilet-built-ins, clear storage bins and floating shelves. Get luxury home builders to design small countertops to fit your need. Pick medicine cabinets that have mirrors, bottom shelf and inside storage for daily needs. Add storage baskets under the vanity to stash away any leftovers instead of adding extra shelves. All of these keep the floor clutter-free.

Ensure Proper Reflectivity

One good makeover idea for a small washroom is to have the light bounce. A single large mirror will open up the room by reflecting the opposite wall.  Multiple mirrors are also a great idea. Make sure each one is symmetrical to one another. Convey your design ideas to the top custom home builders in Los Angeles. The experts will be able to make a compact bathroom feel bigger with personalized mirrors to achieve an ‘airy’ look. Frameless mirrors are a perfect choice for minimalist spaces. Ornate mirrors can add a statement too.

The best luxury home builders in town emphasize listening and communicating with clients. Let them help you every step of the way to re-create a stunning washroom. 



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