Louisa Khovanski: The Stunning and Beautiful Instagram Model to Follow in 2022

There are several Insta models that I used to follow. But you know what? Among them, the prettiest one is Louisa Khovanski.

So the question arises, why do I follow Louisa Khovanski? Well, this Ukrainian model has an adorable smile that you cannot turn down. Also, I love the feminine figure of this charming lady.

By the way, Louisa Khovanski is not only an Instagram model; she is a certified photographer, a YouTuber, and a social media viral model too.

She has a whopping 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 212K subscribers on YouTube, and 244K followers on Twitter.

Louisa Khovanski red dress

Sounds great, right? I bet you would love to know more about Louisa as we uncover everything you need to know about Louisa Khovanski throughout our article.

No more waiting. Let’s learn more about the sizzling hot Louisa Khovanski Instagram model.

Biography of Louisa Khovanski

  • The Nickname of Louisa Khovanski is Louisa.
  • She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 5th August 1990.
  • At present, Louisa is getting closer to Age 32, still single.
  • Louisa’s zodiac sign is Leo, and she is pretty passionate about her modeling career.
  • Her height is 5 feet 5 inches, and her weight is approximately 60 kg (Maybe she is dieting right now).
  • Louisa’s hair color is brown, and her eye color is blue (one of Louisa’s main attractions).
  • She is Christan, and her nationality is Ukrainian.
  • Figure measurements are 36-30-35.

How did Louisa Khovanski Become a Successful Instagram Model?

Maybe you are curious about the journey of Louisa Khovanski to become an Instagram model. Well, before moving on to that, let me tell you that Louisa is a real-life bombshell too.

Since childhood, Louisa has been interested in art. She entered the art academy with great enthusiasm. After graduation, Louisa got more interest in photography, so she entered Ukraine State University to complete a photography course.

Alongside photography, modeling was her carrier aim. For this reason, she began professional modeling in 2012.

In Ukraine, Louisa entered various agencies for modeling and did various T.V. commercials and ads.

Later, Louisa joined Instagram in 2015, and within one year, she got juicy one million followers there. And the reasons were – Louisa Khovanski hot photos and videos. Her photography and content creation focuses on women’s natural beauty that they should be proud of.

With more than six years of real-life photography, Louisa really understands well how to capture feminine curves beautifully and what poses the followers like the most.

Also, she promotes a healthy diet for everyone and expresses natural sexuality in her photography.

On the whole, creativity and unique ideas are the primary sources of Louisa Khovanski’s success as an Instagram model that I love to follow.

What makes Louisa Khovanski different from other Instagram Models?

Louisa Khovanski always appears easy-going, cheerful, and confident in every Instagram photo she creates. All of her photographs seem extraordinary for her followers pretty much. Honestly, I am more than excited to see every single image she shares on her Instagram page. 

She has a unique vibe in her photographs, and that’s what I love Louisa’s Instagram pictures so much! It’s not just about how she looks, but it’s also about how her photography makes you feel and what kind of emotions you get from looking at them. 

  • All of Louisa’s photos have a hot vibe, are natural, also are fresh-looking.
  • Many of her photos can be mistaken for real because of the perfect focus selection on the details.
  • She has natural and joyful expressions that attract people to follow her.
  • Louisa’s photos are available in various styles: bikini, exercise, swimming, chick, smiling, and posing.

The only thing is that I would like to see her pose in the following categories: Louisa khovanski nude photography and couple photography.

Why Should You Follow Louisa Khovanski on Instagram?

Of course, there are many Instagram models you can follow. But why should you choose Louisa Khovanski?

Honestly, with more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram, she has reached great success among other models who don’t have many followers. As one of the most popular Instagram models, Louisa Khovanski Instagram account is always filled with unique and gorgeous images.

I have many reasons to recommend you follow Louisa Khovanski on Instagram.

  • First of all, I would like to say that she is a kind girl who posts hot photos for everyone to enjoy on her page.
  • And second, she has unique photography skills and creates beautiful content for each photo of hers as a result of that.
  • Also, she is beautiful in general and has nice body curves as well! 

Moreover, Louisa is an active Instagram model who often keeps posting new photos. Sometimes she makes daily updates on her official profile, so you will never get bored by following her there!

Louisa Khovanski bathing suit

The best thing about following her on Instagram is you will get valuable, healthy tips from this intelligent lady! I mean, Louisa shares excellent advice on being a better girl here in terms of health or relationship tips sometimes. 

You just have to follow her page to see more of this sizzling lady’s photography @ louisakhovanski with the link I provide here, and that’s it.

Don’t Forget to follow Louisa Khovanski Instagram

My supermodel Louisa is a fashion and fitness enthusiast. From recent statistics, Louisa Khovanski has a net worth of almost $1 million, and she charges around $1000 – $5000 per promotion in her official account.

With a new feature from Instagram to support content creators via paid subscription in the U.S. only, you should support Louisa Khovanski. Don’t forget to follow Louisa Khovanski on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Question)

  • How old is Louisa Khovanski?

Ans – she seems to be younger than her age. Instagram user accounts show a photo of her with a big smile. But actually, she will be 32 years old in august 2022. When she started as a social media model, she was only 20 years old. And that makes her seasoned and mature enough to make career decisions properly.

  • Does Louisa Khovanski have any tattoos or body modifications?

Ans – There is no visible tattoo on her body. But when you look carefully, you will see Louisa Khovanski nipple pierced, and that makes her more sizzling.

  • Does Louisa Khovanski exercise regularly?

Ans – Of course, she exercises regularly and promotes a healthy diet for all women. She believes exercising is a crucial factor for leading a healthy life.

  • What do you think about Louisa Khovanski’s recent tweet with Milada Moore on Twitter?

Ans – The recent photo tweet of Louisa with Milada looks fantastic. They are showing their feminine curves and sizzling look. You can also subscribe to Milada Moore for more of their latest tweets on Twitter.



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