Like to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy and Fresh? Here’s What You Can Do

When it comes to skin, no skin needs are the same. No two man’s lives are the same. You might be  running around in a busy workplace, being stressed out. You might be a busy family man, getting  robbed of your sleep by small children, or you still like to hit the bars and clubs now and then.  However, when it comes to taking care of your skin, some basic rules keep your skin looking healthy  and fresh.  

Natural remedies 

One of the best natural and easiest remedies for your skin is drinking enough water. Swap the sugary  drinks and highly caffeinated beverages (and alcohol – sorry) for plain old water and your skin will  thank you for it. Drinking enough water will keep the moisture balance of your skin on track and will  flush away toxins. In addition, eating foods that are rich in Vitamin E will help lock the moisture in  your skin as well. Nuts and seeds, like chia seeds or sunflower seeds, are the perfect snack or  breakfast additives and protect your cells from oxidative damage. The protective effect is mainly  related to DNA, proteins, and lipids (fats). Vitamin E is often added as an antioxidant to fish oil  capsules and bottles of vegetable oil. It is also a well-known ingredient in facial creams and other  cosmetics. 


Being a man doesn’t mean skincare is not for you. Cleaning your skin after a long day (or any day  really) is best done with a mild cleanser, preferably from a natural brand. If your skin is very sensitive  and irritated, natural cosmetics can support the regenerative power of your skin and help to regain  its natural balance. Many cosmetic products contain ingredients such as parabens, phthalates,  microplastics, and preservatives. Some of these ingredients regularly cause skin irritation, others are  harmful to the environment. Follow up with a suitable day/night cream to improve and restore  moisture to your skin and preferable – during daytime – follow up with an SPF/suncare. We know,  having a tan will look nice, but the damage done to your skin by regular sun exposure is making your  skin age prematurely. Causing wrinkles and dark spots. Exfoliate regularly (with AHA or BHA acids– depending on your skin’s needs and type) to get rid of dead skin cells and clogged pores.  


To offer your skin some extra support, back up your lifestyle changes and skincare with supplements.  For example, by taking Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is an Omega 6 fatty acid. GLA vitalizes the  skin and protects it against aging. It supports the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. It nourishes  the skin from within and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and softness. This keeps the skin looking  youthful, smooth, and radiant. In addition, Collagen a very strong, fiber-like protein helps maintain  the skin’s elasticity and softness. In addition, it makes the skin more beautiful from within and  ensures natural rejuvenation. At the first signs of skin aging, collagen is therefore perfect to use as an  anti-aging supplement. It makes the skin of the face and body radiant, softer, smoother, and more  supple. Nowadays, collagen supplements come in all sizes. When it comes to skin benefits, it’s best to  take a hydrolyzed fish. The production of collagen is being improved by Vitamin C, which also  functions as a strong antioxidant and can help reduce delayed sun damage. In the summertime, it’s  best to also increase your Vitamin C intake (in food and/or supplements) to optimally support the  appearance of your skin. Lastly, zinc is a lesser-known ‘skin supplement’ that’s also functioning as a  strong antioxidant and cell protector, amongst other things. It’s great for skin, hair and nails. Looking  for a zinc supplement? Make sure the supplement is easily absorbed by the body (look for an organic  form) such as zinc bisglycinate and zinc methionine. 



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