Kate Upton for Vogue Magazine

It’s been a while since we’ve “written” a post on the lovely Miss Kate Upton.  The photo set in this post is from American Vogue, which happens to be her first appearance in the magazine.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your taste), Miss Upton doesn’t show much of her God given assets, like she normally does.  But I guess she wants to show her “artistic” side or something like that?  Click here for other, more spicy photos of Kate.

There supposedly is an interview in the magazine, but I doubt anyone will be reading it, just like you’re not reading what I’ve written in this post.  In the interview, she says she loves her body and is proud of her boobs.  Hmmm…that’s something in common between me and Kate because I love her body and boobs; maybe we should start dating?  Shall I start a kickstarter campaign asking for help to go on a date many dates with Kate?  Perhaps not.

Anyways, below are some photos from the shoot, taken by photographer Mario Testino.  Kate Upton is wearing clothes by some famous designers but none of us really care about that, we’d rather have her not wearing anything.  Enjoy!

Kate Upton Vogue Magazine June Photoshoot




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