Joining an Online Sportsbook Should Soon be a Free Bet Winner

Online casinos may be a little sterile for some, clicking buttons on your smartphone or PC selecting black or red, odd numbers or even numbers, even dwelling on the merits of sticking on a ‘soft 17’ against the dealers 19 when playing Blackjack quickly becomes soulless.

Unquestionably beers with the guys while watching a ball game when the money is down is a far bigger buzz. But where is the point when the fun stops and the serious business begins – that being a genuine desire to make money from your bets?

Legal & Regulated Sports Betting

Thankfully placing an online bet has never been easier. The overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992 in May of 2018 has seen almost 20 U.S. States introduce regulated sports betting and many more will follow in the next few years.

Now, if you want to make a first deposit on a gambling site from within a ‘legal’ state, you can do so with confidence as licenced online sportsbooks are closely policed and regulated.

And a little known fact, many of these gambling licences are being given to overseas companies which have been in operation for decades. The ones that hail from the UK for example – such as William Hill – have been in operation since sports betting was made legal in that territory way back in 1961.

Free Bets Are Coming

Should the course of history repeat itself in the US, American bettors are set for a bonanza where making money from gambling becomes easier than ever before. Firstly, as more online bookmakers appear, online sportsbooks will be forced into becoming competitive offering bigger prices and cutting their own margins as gamblers seek out the best prices.

But before you shop around for the best odds, even just the act of opening an online betting account can bear fruit. That’s because, as is now commonplace all across regulated European betting territories, new customers can enjoy ‘no deposit welcome offers’ usually in the form of free bets or free slot spins.

Low Cost Acquisition

It doesn’t take a genius to accept that a free bet can lead to cash winnings and while bookies giving money away might sound crazy, do consider from the online bookmaker’s viewpoint that a $10 free bet represents the cheapest new customer acquisition they have ever had and a much cheaper way of attracting new customers than traditional marketing and advertising.

Of course this may all seem some way off but it’s not crystal ball stuff, online poker sites (those that thrived before the fabled Black Friday closedown) all gave their new customers a chance of free money via new customer freerolls and so, unlike finding the winner of the Stanley Cup, it’s is with some certainty we can say free bets are very much going to happen sometime soon.




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