It’s Time for an Honest Conversation About Hair Loss

The hair loss product and treatment industry is a 3.3 billion dollar marketplace, with no signs of slowing down.

One of the most frustrating parts of losing your hair is losing your mind trying to find a product that actually does what it promises. There are creams, shampoos, pills, and now even helmets. Do any of them actually work?

The cruel reality is that the hair loss aisle at the pharmacy is full of a lot of tricky descriptions that can fool you into thinking that you have found some sort of miracle product. When in fact, most of them could work under a very specific set of circumstances… But, probably not yours.

Here is a look at some of the most popular solutions on the market, and the truth behind them.

Hair Transplants

Let’s start with the most effective and proven solution.

Hair transplant technology has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of unconvincing results and unsightly scarring. Modern FUE hair transplants are quickly becoming the go-to solution for men that are serious about fighting their hair loss, and want a permanent solution that doesn’t require on-going maintenance.

How does it work? Basically, the procedure will use robotic (Artas) and Automated (NeoGraft) micro-rotatory punches to harvest healthy hair follicles from areas where you have lots of hair, and then implant them onto the areas where you want more volume.

It’s a one-time procedure, the results are designed to be permanent, and there is very little after-care required. If you want to know more, you can read these tips for washing your hair after transplant surgery to learn more about the process.


At the top of the hair loss product industry sits Rogaine, with over half of the entire market share. Does it command that much of the market because it’s the best? Not necessarily. But Rogaine might be the best at publicizing their results and glazing over their drawbacks.

Rogaine can help you if:

  • Your hair loss is on the top crown, but not the front of your head or forehead areas
  • You use the product every single day and never stop using it
  • You don’t experience any of the side effects that may include scalp irritation, heart issues or dizziness

You also need to use the product for several months to even know if it’s working or not.


No shampoo in the hair loss aisle can help you magically regrow your hair. If there was such a product, it would command 100% of the marketplace.

Some hair loss shampoos can help you regrow hair if your hair loss is due to an inflamed scalp from dandruff and psoriasis. Other products are marketed as volume adding shampoos. They can help remove some of the things on your scalp that makes your hair look flat and thin.

Neither of these shampoos can do much for classic male pattern baldness. So, save your money.

Many of the men who try over-the-counter products eventually get fed up and decide to get a hair transplant.

If you’re dealing with a receding hairline or male pattern baldness, you might want to skip all of the disappointment and get a proper transplant.




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