Intimate Secrets from London Escorts to Improve Your Marriage

There’s an interesting saying that holds a surprising amount of truth:

If you treated your other half like a high-end escort, you’d have the strongest relationship in the world.

Talk to any experienced West London escorts and they’ll swear by this statement. Odd as it may sound, taking a look at your marriage from a somewhat radical new perspective really could make all the difference.

Contrary to popular belief, clients don’t meet with escorts in West London exclusively for sex. In fact, a surprising proportion of West London escorts claim that their job is actually 95% companionship/emotional support and just 5% physical.

The excitement of spending quality time with someone you know you probably shouldn’t be spending time with is all part and parcel of the appeal. As is the physical aspect of a rendezvous with a high-end escort. Nevertheless, the fact that a client makes an engagement with an escort means they’re looking for something they can’t get at home.

In which case, what tips can the city’s most experienced escorts offer, that could breathe new life into your marriage?

Always ask for what you want

Right off the bat, clients are typically unafraid of asking escorts for exactly what they want. At home, it’s a completely different story. Think of it this way – would you walk into a store with an empty basket and say “Oh just put whatever you want in there, it’s fine”? Or for that matter, dine at a restaurant and say “Whatever you’ve got is fine”, without even looking at the menu?

People who are married either a) expect their partner to know exactly what they want or b) are too shy or nervous to ask for what they really want. Unfortunately, this has a tendency to lead to dissatisfaction on both ends of the equation.

I always tell my clients, the worst she can say is no…so you might as well try!” – Alex, Amy’s Escorts London

Organize naughty rendezvous

When you first start dating someone you’re crazy about, you’ll find every possible excuse and moment to meet up and have sex. As the relationship progresses, it starts becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. But it doesn’t have to be – you simply have to get creative.

For example, why not a sneak out of the office on your lunch break, find a secluded spot and enjoy a little afternoon delight? Or for that matter, take over the disabled bathroom at work for 10 minutes and do something unspeakable? One of the biggest thrills of meeting with an escort is the buzz of doing something naughty and getting away with it. Something you don’t necessarily need to hire an escort to do.

You’re never too old to get a rush from being cheeky. A little danger is always good.” – Nicole, Amy’s Escorts London

Make the effort

Most clients meeting with high-end escorts go to extreme lengths to make themselves presentable. Nice clothes, good grooming and utmost in personal hygiene – all to get things off to the best possible start. By contrast, it’s pretty rare for those who have been in a relationship for some time to make this kind of effort.

It really isn’t too much to ask to spruce yourself up and make yourself presentable for the benefit of your wife, your husband or your partner. Every time you do something special, treat it as you would your very first date – or if you were planning to meet with a high-end escort. If you both make the effort, you’ll appreciate each other that much more.

Seriously – you wouldn’t believe how big of a turn-on it is when a man actually makes real effort to look and smell amazing.” – Jessie, Amy’s Escorts, London

Remember – it’s all about respect

Last but not least, the vast majority of clients treat professional escorts with the respect and consideration they deserve. Exactly as it should be at home – never put your partner in a position where they feel awkward or undignified.

Though it somewhat contradicts the first entry to this list, it’s worth remembering that there are some fantasies that are probably best kept to yourself. If it’s something that prioritizes your own pleasure while giving her or him nothing of the sort, think twice about enacting it. Rather than thinking exclusively about what does the business for you, focus your efforts or making your partner feel like a million bucks.

My favorites clients are the guys who spend the whole time treating me like I was their client. They spoil the crap out of me and I get paid for it!” – Emily, Amy’s Escorts London




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