Ideas for Your Mancave Bathroom

When you’re living with your girlfriend or wife, most guys tend to let the woman handle the interior design, especially the kitchen. And places where we’d like a say are usually the living room where we can watch the games and the Walking Dead series or the finished basement where we’ll hopefully be spending most of the time hanging out with the crew in the mancave and avoiding house chores.

I don’t know about a lot of you other guys out there but I find myself spending a scary amount of time in the washroom. What I do in there is not important but the bathroom is one of the few places in our crazy home where I can be alone for a little bit and just relax before somebody comes knocking on the door. Whether you’re going for a modern angular bathroom suite design, or the mancave theme continued in the bathroom, it’s important to have a comfortable bathroom where you can spend hours if you really had to.

So, what types of things would one need in a washroom to make it one of the best rooms in the house?

high tech toiler

We go to the bathroom to use the toilet but how many of us can honestly say, “I have an awesome toilet in my bathroom”? If you installed the Kohler Numi toilet, you would saying exactly those words! This $6,400 toilet features all types of technology and makes your number two its number one priority. It has a motion activated lid and seat, a bidet which can change water pattern, and a built in dryer. It also has deodorizing filters, heated heat, and floor-level vents that blow warm air. There are built-in speakers and a docking station as well for all your music needs.


While you’re sitting on that awesome toilet, you need to be watching something. Why look at your phone screen when you can watch a TV screen? Having a TV and a built-in waterproof sound system in the bathroom is something I’ve always wanted. This will not only provide entertainment but also acts as a sound barrier should you happen to have an upset stomach. Just turn up the tunes and everything else is background noise. Now all I need is a mini-fridge!

Fun Accessories

Because this is YOUR bathroom and not the one your girlfriend/wife will be using, you might want to consider some fun accessories to personalize it.

Blood Bath

Bloody shower curtains

Either your wife left a huge mess in the washroom or somebody got murdered here. The Blood Bath shower curtains and mat are a unique look. It might ruin the mancave look but it’s different and kind of cool.

Waterproof Notepad

water proof notepad

A few of my friends always keep a notepad by their bedside because they sometimes get great ideas in the middle of the night and write them down. None of my ideas have made me a rich man yet but when I do get ideas or remember random things, it’s usually when I’m in the shower. Having a waterproof notepad can be a handy tool because by the time you dry yourself, it’s possible you already forgot what you were thinking.

Butt/Face Towel

towel for butt and face

And speaking of drying yourself, here is a pretty interesting towel. I don’t wash my towel after each use. I usually hang it up and let it air dry and use it at least once more before it goes in the shower. But did you remember which end was used for your face and which end was used on your butt and goods? I keep the tag on the towel and try to use one side for drying body while the other side for face and head. The tag is a way to keep track of sides. If you want something easier, this Butt/Face towel will save you the confusion.

Now that I got the ball rolling, what would you have in your mancave bathroom?



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  1. Really like the waterproof notepad! I always think of cool ideas in the shower. The idea is either not as cool or forgotten by the time I get out of the shower.


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