For the longest time, I have been searching for the perfect sport to indulge in. I tried a couple of them to no avail until I tried golf.

Golf is a game where individuals hit a small ball with a stick-like instrument, aiming to put it in a target hole with the fewest strokes possible. Golf is an old sport that originated from the Netherlands but developed in Scotland. That was back in the 15th century.

There is a reason why golf is still played in the 21st century and has gained popularity all over the world. In this article, I am going to explain, in my opinion, why golf is the best sport to learn this year.

  • No age limit

One of the most renowned golf champions of all time, Tiger Woods, started playing golf when he was just 2 years old. Also, the oldest golfer is a little over 100 years.

Golf, unlike many sports, can be played by people from different age sets. Most clubs will have both senior sections and junior sections. If you have children, start them early and in a couple of years, they may be the next Phil Mickelson with several golf trophies on their shelves.

What’s more, golf has a long professional career as compared to other sports. In football, for example, most players will retire in their 30’s. However, for golfers it is different. You can play the game as long as physically possible.

  • Etiquette

From the way you handle yourself on and off the golf course, golf is a sport that is known to nurture etiquette among players. Apart from the written rules, there are some unwritten ones like always shaking hands after a game and never walking on your colleagues’ putting lines as he plays.

Golf teaches its players to be respectful and good-mannered. You should see how golfers gather around after playing in search of strayed golf balls.

  • Versatile

In any sport, versatility is one of the key aspects needed by players. We are all from different races and backgrounds. We are abled differently.

One amazing thing about golf is, it put in place a handicapped system, where players with different abilities can play together.

Additionally, you can play alone or make it more exciting by inviting three other golfers to play with you. This is one of the only sports you can easily play with a professional without feeling intimidated.

  • Freedom of play

Golf offers match and stroke play as the two major kinds of play for its players. Golfers have the freedom to choose which of the two they prefer. It is not to say that these are the only types of golf competitions. Other tournaments that golfers might be interested in include Stableford, foursome, and four ball games.

Additionally, beginners or elderly golfers who cannot play the standard 18 holes can go for 9 holes or less.

With these different types of golf games, players are spoilt for choice and play according to preference.

  • Form of exercise

Despite the fact that golf is a low impact sport, it offers the body physical workout. Golfers walk up and down the golf course. They walk uphill, downhill, and across the sand as they change terrains. At the end of a standard 18 holes, a golfer will have walked for approximately 6 miles.

Also, the swinging, bending, and dashing back to the tee when the tee shot has been lost are additional exercises.

  • No round of golf is the same

Non-golfers often wonder how members of a golf club will play on one golf course over and over again and never get bored. The fact is, no round of golf is the same as the last. The conditions are different as well as the company. 

Besides, the way you swing at the ball today is not the same way you will do it tomorrow. Golf is an exciting game and it is the reason why golfers will keep coming back to it.

  • You can practice anywhere

One of the best things about golf is, you can practice it anywhere. Literally! You can choose to go to the golf course or have a few game rounds on your garden, backyard, or living room if it is not crowded.



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