How ZenBusiness Assists New Startups

In October 2020, the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy published informative data on the current state of small and minority-owned businesses operating in the U.S. Currently, more than 81% of these businesses are non employers, comprising more than 25 million businesses, while nearly 6 million businesses hire full time paid employees. A further look at the same data showed that these small businesses comprise 99.99% of all firms currently operating in the U.S., and have created a staggering 10.5 million jobs between 2000 and 2017. 

The overwhelming success and need for constant business and startup innovation have been key players in the successful revival of the U.S. economy throughout the decades. Furthermore, smaller firms and startups have accounted for more than 24% of patents submitted to the U.S. Government according to a 2008 study conducted by Anthony Breitzman and Diana Hicks for the Office of Advocacy. Startups are now playing an even bigger role in the cluster of firms and businesses operating in the U.S., allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to create jobs, fuse the market with innovation and create a sector for global trade. 

With a positive and thriving business sector, how are startup entrepreneurs getting the work done, and what can service providers such as ZenBusiness do to assist these entrepreneurs? Let’s explore the article below. 

What is ZenBusiness? 

ZenBusiness is a Public Benefit Corporation, founded in 2015. The Texas-based company helps entrepreneurs and prospective business owners with business formation services and registered agent services.

The company offers guidance and assistance for those looking to start a new business, but aren’t equipped with the knowledge or resources to complete these procedures. 

How can ZenBusiness help entrepreneurs? 

The company has been around for quite some time and has built up a reputable reputation for helping small and emerging startups. Even more, ZenBusiness is focused on the needs of entrepreneurs, looking to assist them with business formation filing, registered agent services, ongoing Limited Liability Company (LLC) maintenance, and guiding the preparation of filing articles of organization. 

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Are there any pros and cons to using ZenBusiness? 

As with any type of service provider, each houses pros and cons to their service offerings. 

Pros of using ZenBusiness

  • Affordable pricing structure. 
  • Customer-focused. 
  • Ongoing support and maintenance. 
  • Offers financial lending schemes in partnership with 

Cons of using ZenBusiness

  • Smaller packages may include fewer services. 
  • Other service providers may provide similar packages at a more affordable price. 

There is of course a wide array of pros and cons to consider before making use of any business formation service provider. You can visit this site for a more insightful reading on the offerings provided by ZenBusiness.

Is ZenBusines reliable?

Yes, and at the time of writing, ZenBusiness had more than 7,400 reviews on their website, and an overall 4.8 out of 5 ratings. Reddit reviews have also regarded ZenBusiness as a highly reliable and trustworthy service provider for small startups and entrepreneurs who aren’t looking to break the bank. 

Here’s a look at what some customers had to say about their experience at ZenBusiness:

Quick and efficient, literally took all the work out of my hands so I can focus on what’s ahead of me. No issues received, all docs and notices were timely and complete.” D Tapia

Everything was so easy to set up with Zenbusiness. Now I’m a proud owner of a small counseling practice. I’m very happy with my choice.” Victor

Great experience. Easy to use and helpful information.” Paul G

How do I know if ZenBusiness is right for me? 

For startup entrepreneurs, ZenBusiness offers a service offering that is both affordable and reliable. For those with limited resources or initial startup financing, ZenBusiness provides a socially conscious service that fits the bill for most entrepreneurs and new business owners. 

Final Considerations 

ZenBusiness is a formation service provider that provides a viable and easy solution to entrepreneurs and new business owners without having to pay a high price. ZenBusiness has made it easier for these individuals to file and maintain their business formations and files of organization straightforwardly without dealing with unnecessary paperwork or admin., ZenBusiness caters to the needs of their customers, making them a suitable choice for new startup entrepreneurs.



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