How You Should and Shouldn’t Deal with Gynecomastia

You’ve heard of terms like “male breasts,” “man boobs,” and “moobs.” You might not have heard the medical term for this problem: gynecomastia. This common condition results in enlarged or swollen breast glands in men.

There is nothing alarming about the condition. It’s not dangerous, and it doesn’t come with any serious medical complications. Sometimes, the condition isn’t even permanent. It goes away on its own. The only consequence of this condition is emotional. Men with gynecomastia can feel embarrassed about this area of their body and want to hide it from others.

If you’re one of the many men living with gynecomastia, take a look at what you should and shouldn’t do about it.

What You Should Do

Do Chest Exercises:

Adding chest exercises to your regular workout routine could change the look of your gynecomastia. With these exercises, you could strengthen your pectoral muscles and reduce some of the fatty tissue lying above them. While the solution may not eliminate the prominence of your chest, it can change the shape and look so that it’s more toned and defined.

Be patient. It will take time for the outcomes of targeted exercise to show up. And you will have to keep up with this routine to get long-lasting results.

Consider Surgery:

One of the most effective ways of resolving gynecomastia is surgery. A mammoplasty can reduce the size of the male breast and enhance the contours, giving it a more masculine shape. If the areola has been stretched or dropped lower, the doctor will return it to its natural position. After recovering from the surgery, your chest will look completely different. You might find that you’re more comfortable being shirtless or wearing clothing that’s tight against your chest.

Where can you get it? If you live in the GTA and you’re considering this surgical procedure, you should go to a GraceMed clinic for your consultation. They are the top choice for plastic surgery in and around Toronto. You are bound to get world-class treatment for your gynecomastia, along with any other cosmetic procedures that you sign up for. This particular procedure is available at the Burlington, Mississauga and North York clinics.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Take Steroids:

Anabolic steroids may feel like a tempting solution to quickly add muscle and get rid of fat, but you shouldn’t use them. First, they come with a long list of dangerous side effects like increased risk of heart disease, liver damage and infertility. Second, they could exacerbate your gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is often caused by dramatic shifts in hormones, which is why boys can develop it when they’re going through puberty. Anabolic steroids disrupt your body’s production of hormones, which can result in changes like hair loss and male breasts. That’s right — steroids can cause the exact problem that you’re trying to solve.

If you’d like to bulk up and add muscle, you should stick to a sensible exercise routine. It’s slower, but it won’t come with so many health risks.

Stop Having Soy:

One common myth about gynecomastia is that it’s caused by ingesting too much soy. Soy milk is usually the product that gets the brunt of the blame. This is because soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones. Phytoestrogens are similar in structure to the female hormone estrogen. This information often leads people to think soy has the power to feminize the body, giving men breasts.

There is no scientific proof that soy causes gynecomastia. So, don’t kick tofu, edamame, soy milk or any other soy product out of your diet.

You can deal with your gynecomastia and become more comfortable with your chest. Just make sure that you’re following effective tips instead of listening to unhealthy myths.



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