How to Use The Vuvuzela Horn

The Vuvuzela has been around forever but it became extremely popular during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Many coaches and players wanted to have the Vuvuzela banned during the games as the vuvuzela is loud, obnoxious, and can be very annoying.

Because of those games, the vuvuzela has become very popular on the North American shores with people using just about every opportunity to use it. As a matter of fact, my entire neighborhood in Vancouver, BC is full of these things. The Vancouver Canucks have made it to the 2011 NHL Playoffs and Canadians are extremely passionate about hockey. Even if you’re not watching the playoffs, you’ll know that the Canucks have scored a goal as the hockey fans will take to the streets, balconies, and patios to use the vuvuzela until their lungs blow.

Learn to play the Vuvuzela

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With that being said, not everybody actually knows how to use the vuvuzela horn and getting it right on the first try is nearly impossible. When I tried it the first few times, it sounded something like a wet fart. Watch the videos provided here to perfect the technique and annoy the hell out of your neighbors.

Check out the music they make towards the end of the video, it’s pretty neat.

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This guy has a lot of practice blowing

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