How to Prepare For A Hot Date

Most men know that meeting a lady for a date requires some preparation. You have already met the woman once, and now she is willing to take things a little further. That is great news for you because it means you might get more excitement in your life.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of actions you need to take before heading out the front door. Most of them come down to common sense, but it’s still wise to go over each this afternoon. The last thing you want is to turn up to a lady who seems less than impressed with the effort you have made. With a bit of luck, our advice should help to make sure that never happens.

Take a long bath

There are two reasons you need to take a long hot bath before any dates. The first one is pretty obvious. If you smell bad when you turn up for the occasion, the lady might change her might about the entire idea. The second reason has more to do with psychology than anything else. You need to ensure that you are talkative and friendly during the meal or drink. That means it is crucial that you clear your mind and forget about all those personal or work issues. You want to come across as being outgoing, approachable and funny. It is hard to do that when your mind is occupied with other things.

Have a close shave

Some women like a bit of stubble, but you should have a close shave before your first date. If she doesn’t mind facial hair, you will find that out at some point. However, it’s not worth taking the risk if you don’t have a clue what she prefers.

Shaving properly is vital, and so now is the time to head out and invest in some new blades. Failure to do that could mean you catch your skin. You’re not going to look very attractive with lots of toilet roll stuck to your face, now are you?

Make all the arrangements

Now you’re feeling fresh and relaxed; you need to make the arrangements for your date night. Unless you’re on a tight budget, it makes sense to book a top local restaurant for the evening. Where you go after that will depend on how things pan out. Even so, it’s wise to have a few ideas in your mind. You will seem far more confident and comfortable if you are the one who makes suggestions. Maybe there is a new film you think she might want to see at the cinema? Perhaps there is a local bar that you’ve wanted to try?

We wish you all the luck in the world on your big date. Don’t get too upset if things don’t go according to plan. Remember, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and you should just concentrate on having an enjoyable experience. Feel free to let us know how the evening went and whether or not our advice played a role in your success.

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