In the Dog House? How to Make it up to a Woman You Care About

How many times have you heard the saying “happy wife, happy life”? In my opinion, truer words were never spoken. It isn’t true that women love more passionately then men do, but they do show it differently. A man is happy with a simple things… a good meal, a clean home, and most importantly… SEX! Women are much more complex creatures. They’re all about how you make them feel by the special things you say and do.

An intimate relationship between a man and a woman is the most difficult relationship to have and keep, so how do you say sorry when you’ve messed up so badly that sorry doesn’t cut it, and you’re sleeping on the sofa? Below are a few simple suggestions if you’re having trouble figuring out exactly how to make it up to a woman you care about.

The Magic of Retail Therapy

retail therapy

As we all know, many women love shopping. Take your woman out to some of her favorite stores, or even surprise her with a purchase of that stylish designer handbag she’s been talking about. That’s often enough to get back into her good graces, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. You see, it’s not about the amount of money you spend, but that you actually paid attention to what she likes. Sure, you may have a fashion handicap, and perhaps you don’t know exactly the kinds of things she’ll wear, but it’s not difficult to remember a few favorite stores and items with a little bit of effort.

The added bonus here is that you’ll have a leg up when it comes time to buy her a birthday gift. Choosing gifts can be tough, and buying clothes for a person is a double edged sword. If you pay close attention, though, you may be able to find her something that she actually really likes.

Food, the Gateway to Her Heart

happy woman on dinner date

Taking her to a nice restaurant. It may sound a little bit cliché, but it’s fun and very effective. No matter how long you’ve been together, every woman appreciates the fine dining experience. You’ll both have a great meal, and you can spend some quality time together, just the two of you, with (hopefully) no distractions. You can even go that further mile by sending her to the salon that day for a full spa treatment. Hell, even set up an appointment to get get her hair, nails, and make up done too – as long as you’re sure she won’t be offended.

Everyone enjoys looking their best, and since most people are so busy these days, they often forget to treat themselves to these kinds of things. She’ll be happy, and you’ll be happy because she’s happy.

Mini-vacations and Daycations

people in hot tub

If you really, REALLY screwed up, then why not take her on a weekend vacation or a daycation? Pick a nice place out of town, preferably some place a little bit laid back, and plan a romantic weekend around that. A person can often find great deals for resorts or even simple bed and breakfast places by browsing around online, and having the chance to lounge around on a beach or near a lake for a few days never hurt anyone. Again, with everyone’s busy schedules, it’s often tough to find the time just to sit around and talk.

If you have any other simple suggestions that we’ve missed here, please share them in the comments below. What we’ve posted is just common sense, but when you’ve gotten into a big fight, or simply caused some disappointment, it’s often tough to think straight. We hope that these suggestions provide a bit of inspiration.

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2 comments on “In the Dog House? How to Make it up to a Woman You Care About”

  1. Many times, a simple “I am sorry, I apologize. I love you!” is enough.

    A woman with a brain in her head who is not shallow would never want you to spend money on expensive stuff to make it up to her and make her happy, especially if you are a multiple offender who doesn’t seem to change over time. Unless she is married to you forever, she has sacrificed everything to support you climb the social and professional ladder, she has raised your children, and you cheat on her with a 20 something in the office. In this case, “little nice restaurants and romantic vacations for two” cannot help you, sorry. Plan for Chanel and Hermes handbags, Rolexes, diamonds, Louboutin pumps, vacations to Paris or Milan with her friends to shop till they drop (sorry,you are not invited, you just pay the bills) and “services” by the hot stud who cleans your pool. If you are not willing to bite the bullet and pay for all of the above, I suggest you find a really good divorce lawyer because she is determined to take EVERYTHING (including the pool boy) and leave you only with your underwear and a couple of dollars in the bank!

  2. It’s so true!! Just saying a heartfelt, “I’m sorry” will work wonders. I said, “I’m sorry” to my girlfriend when she caught me bangin her roommate. She then admitted she had been doing her too. This moment of communication saved our relationship and got me the threesome I’d been wanting that continues to this day. So, try a simple apology and it just may surprise you!


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