How To Get More Matches On Dating Apps

So you are trying to find a special someone online and not getting the attention you want…Do not delete your account just yet! Learn about what makes people swipe right with our guide to navigating dating apps. Revamp your profile and meet more people in no time!

Show Off Your Personality… Not Just Your Physicality

Even if you are looking for a hookup on dating apps, it never hurts to include fun facts about yourself and what makes you happy. Even if you look amazing, people will not want to spend time with you if they do not think you can hold a conversation. Include information like your interests, favorite movies and TV shows, restaurants, and career. 

Advertising your penis size (whether it is your actual size or not) makes you come off as desperate. Relying on information like your height and body count will only get you so far. In the eyes of other people on dating apps, how intriguing you seem makes or breaks their decision to swipe left or right. Own who you really are and highlight the best parts of yourself on your dating app profile. Many possible matches like knowing more than what is in the pictures, so make sure your bio and captions are just as interesting as your photos. 

Pick the Right Photos

The first thing that people notice when swiping through dating apps is the profile image of potential partners. Select a clear image of your face for your main photo. Having a profile that consists entirely of images of your body gives off the impression that you could be a bot (a fake user that is run by a programmed algorithm) or a catfish (a person online pretending to be someone they are not). 

Include photos that will spark a conversation, such as images of you wearing your best outfit, doing a hobby, or just having fun. Put photos of you smiling to give off a positive and approachable vibe. However, do not put pictures of you doing poses you could find on any other guy’s profile, like photos in the gym mirror or holding a fish you just caught. Do not include too many photos of you with friends and family because whoever is swiping wants to know more about dating you– not your loved ones. Most of the images on your profile should be of you by yourself, but do not be basic and try to look like everyone else. 

Be Yourself… Really, It Works!

Do not try to be that guy who “re-invents” his aesthetic in an attempt to be a new version of himself but still acts the same. People will see right through you if you try to put on the façade of a lavish life you do not have. Uplifting who you are online will also uplift your self-esteem, thus making you even more attractive to matches when you finally meet in person; this re-inforces that you can be trusted and demonstrates your confidence.

Lying about who you are as a person online will never work out– especially if the person you are talking to wants to meet up and finds out that you are not really the person on your profile. Little white lies about your hobbies and daily routine will eventually spiral into false claims about things like your height and your age, so do not think that you can get away with being fake. 

Bottom Line

Navigating the online dating scene can be difficult if you do not know how to present yourself interestingly and freshly. Include photos that make you look fun and intriguing, but make sure your captions can spark conversations! 




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